Valentine’s Day pressure, man steals car to impress girlfriend

Source: The Herald – Breaking news.

Valentine’s Day pressure, man steals car to impress girlfriend

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau

A Gweru man has been arrested after he stole a taxi intending to drive it to meet his girlfriend to impress her on Valentine’s Day.

Midlands Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said the suspect, Amos Mabiginye (40) approached a pirate taxi in Gweru Central Business District and hired it intending to go to his girlfriend’s place.

“Circumstances are that the suspect, Amos Mabiginye (40) of Senga approached one Nigel Gombakomba who operates a pirate taxi and hired the taxi intending to go and see his girlfriend,” said insp Mahoko

He said along the way, Mabiginye asked Gombakomba to allow him to drive so he could get to the girlfriend driving to impress.

“Gombakomba agreed and gave Mabiginye the car to drive and when they got to Lundi Park Shops, the suspect then gave Gombakomba a $10 note and asked him to buy some drinks. As soon as he disembarked, he drove off at high speed,” said Insp Mahoko.

He said Gombakomba got assistance from another motorist and gave Mabiginye a chase.

“They caught up with Mabiginye at a fuel station while fuelling the stolen car and blocked him. He was then arrested with the assistance of garage security personnel and was later handed over to the police,” said Insp Mahoko.