VID goes digital . . . Provisional licence tests to be written online

Source: VID goes digital . . . Provisional licence tests to be written online – Sunday News May 8, 2016

THE Government is in the process of digitalising the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID), a process which will see aspiring drivers writing provisional driver’s licences tests online and reducing interface with officials to minimise cases of alleged corruption.
Senior principal director in the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC), Ambassador Mary Sibusisiwe Mubi, said this was part of the e-governance drive meant to bring convenience to members of the public.

She, however, could not say when the technology would be implemented but said its introduction will help reduce alleged corruption at the VID.
The technology was on show at the VID stand which exhibited under the Office of the President and Cabinet during the just ended 57th edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF).

Under the envisaged system, learners will first be subjected to an eye test three times, failure of which the person will not be able to write the examinations. The eye test will be at levels; close, medium and far.

Those who would have passed the eye test, will proceed to register for the exam online by providing their details which include name, physical address and national identity number before the eight-minute examination starts.

The examinations will be centrally and electronically administered at the VID head office in Harare, stripping VID officials at various branches around the country, where the tests are being written now, of any influence on the outcome of the tests.

With the new technology, each candidate will write a different set of questions from the next candidate during the same session and in the same exam room.