Villagers appeal for more clinics 

Source: Villagers appeal for more clinics | The Herald June 22, 2018

Thupeyo Muleya  Beitbridge Bureau
Villagers in Beitbridge East Constituency have appealed to the Government and development agencies to consider constructing more clinics and primary health care facilities in the district.

It is reported that in some areas, villagers are travelling over 15 km to access the nearest health institution.

According to World Health Organisation standards, people must not walk for more than 8km to access primary health facilities.

Speaking on behalf of the villagers during a zanu-pf rally at Dumba some 30km east of the border town on Tuesday, Ward 15 (Shabwe) councillor Meniere Boy Ndou (Beitbridge East) said they have since identified sites where more clinics could be constructed in the area.

“We have compiled our needs and proposed sites for clinics, which we have sent to Beitbridge Rural District Council (BBRDC) and all political leaders,” said Clr Ndou. “We have an assurance from authorities at BBRDC that they will start pegging and conducting other feasibility studies on our proposed sites. Some of the existing primary health care institutions in constituency need electrification and to be equipped with requisite medical tools and human resources.

“We are also urging the local authority to consider upgrading Shabwe clinic to a polyclinic or hospital to cater for most people in this constituency.”

He said the villagers were pooling resources together to speed up the construction of more clinics but still needed more material and technical assistance.

He said land clearance for a proposed clinic at Dumba was in progress.

The rally was also attended by Cdes Albert Nguluvhe and Ruth Maboyi both aspiring members of parliament for Beitbridge East and West constituencies respectively. Beitbridge has only one 140 bed referral hospital, seven private clinics in town and 16 rural clinics, which are widely spaced.

“Besides the shortages of clinics we also appeal for development agencies to help with drilling more boreholes in our area to address water and sanitation issues,” he said.

An estimated 160 000 people live in the district’s with 100 000 believed to be in the rural component.

Currently Beitbridge Rural District Council in partnership with the International Organisation for Migration are constructing a new clinic to service close to 6 000 villagers in Chabili area.

The clinic, which is almost complete, was set to open its doors soon.