VP Mohadi hails ED’s visionary leadership

Source: VP Mohadi hails ED’s visionary leadership | The Herald December 14, 2019

VP Mohadi hails ED’s visionary leadership
VP Mohadi

Kuda Bwititi

Zanu-PF members must take the lead in initiating national programmes enunciated by President Mnangagwa, Vice President Kembo Mohadi has said.

Vice President Mohadi also paid tribute to the President saying his visionary leadership would lead Zimbabwe to prosperity.

The Zanu-PF Second Secretary made the remarks while giving a vote of thanks at the Zanu-PF 18th Annual National People’s Conference in Goromonzi yesterday.

“Cde delegates, the deliberations of this conference are key markers of the progress we have to continue making as the ruling party Zanu-PF,” he said.

“We would like to appreciate the clarity that the keynote of His Excellency gives. It is an appropriate guidance to us all. The rejuvenation of the Zimbabwean economy is a priority to us all.

“We, as the ruling party, have to take lead in this race. We cannot delegate it to anyone else. We can only expect to make it in this race if we are led by a visionary and insightful person as in our President.”

VP Mohadi said President Mnangagwa’s vision for an upper middle income economy by 2030 was clear and candid.

“The President has, in a very clear and candid manner, articulated the direction that the party and the people of Zimbabwe have to take,” he said.

“We also acknowledge with gratitude that it is through His Excellency’s leadership and counsel that we are having such a successful conference.”

VP Mohadi said President Mnangagwa’s call for implementation of innovation-driven strategies will propel the country into a new era of development.

“A growth that is characterised by deliberate productivity, social and economic development contributes to comprehensive national strength, social cohesion and breeds national peace and unity,” he said.

The VP lauded President Mnangagwa for promoting national progress through this year’s conference theme.

“From the 17th People’s Conference in Esigodini you have continued to make the call in the leadership of our national and economic development,” he said.

“We, as the ruling party, continue to hold our destiny in our own hands and the destiny of each one of us is linked to the nation. One can do well only when one’s country and nation is doing well.

“Thank you for reiterating that the global building of a prosperous economy has to be ushered by all of us.

“We thank you for presenting the theme ‘Modernise, Mechanise and Grow the Economy Towards Vision 2030’ with passion and   precision.

“It will make the deliberations follow an engaging and fruitful path.”

He urged delegates to be guided by the President’s speech.

“Your vision will be achieved. For now we need to respond as a ruling party and as a people of Zimbabwe for all the vices that militate against us.

“Corruption, laziness and a negative work ethic are some of the vices that we need to eradicate.

“Further, peace is imperative to social inclusion for development and growth. We thank you for making peace a core component of our development agenda.”