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via VP Mujuru reads Riot Act | The Herald by Felex Share 28 September 2013

MINISTERS and other Government officials should pull their full weight in the discharge of their duties because the Presidency will not tolerate failure when the nation has pinned its hopes on Zanu-PF, Acting President Joice Mujuru has said.Zanu-PF’s vision, as stated in the party’s election manifesto, she said, should now be turned into reality and performance contracts would be introduced for senior Government officials.

Cde Mujuru made the remarks during a consultative workshop for Cabinet ministers, their deputies, permanent secretaries and officials from the Office of the President and Cabinet in Harare yesterday.

The workshop was for ministers to make contributions to be considered in refining the Zimbabwe Programme for Socio-Economic Transformation, an economic blue print that will guide policy formulation and implementation of Government programmes for the next five years.

The document will be tabled in Cabinet for adoption before being officially launched by President Mugabe.

“We are the Government of the day, failure is not an option because we have to maintain and nurture the people’s confidence in us,” Acting President Mujuru said.

“It is imperative that we fully engage ourselves in the mode of a result-based Government and deliver what people expect of us.”

The crafting of the economic blueprint, done by the Office of the President and Cabinet, was largely informed by the Zanu-PF manifesto as the party had the mandate to form Government after its resounding victory in the July 31 harmonised elections.

The manifesto is centred on indigenisation, empowerment and employment creation, mining and the revival of industry. The economic blueprint also has input from farmers, bankers and the private sector.

Cde Mujuru said Government should work hard to meet the “high expectations” of Zimbabweans.

“As ministers, you will need to work hard given that the economy has a myriad of challenges against the high expectations of the people of Zimbabwe,” she said.

“These expectations include enjoyment of a higher standard of living from improved infrastructure and better service delivery.”

The Acting President said with performance contracts, Government officials would always be on their toes to ensure quality service delivery.

“Introduction of performance contracts will ensure that senior Government officers, as custodians of policy formulation and implementation, are accountable for their actions to the people they serve,” she said.

“At the same time, the citizens must be afforded a platform to interrogate Government on issues of public service delivery and decision-making.”

She said to ensure that Government ministries were more accountable, fair and transparent to the people, independent evaluations on performance would be conducted.

She said corrective measures would be taken where there were deficiencies.

“In all these efforts, the Office of the President and Cabinet will take a lead role in providing the necessary leadership and guidance as well as monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes.

“The office has been reconfigured to ensure that this happens. At the same time, the Civil Service Commission will ensure that the required competencies are efficiently deployed to obtain better results for the people.”

Cde said the people’s hopes lay in the hands of ministers and senior Government officials. Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda said the objectives of ZIMPSET were to boost economic recovery and growth as well as investing in sustainable and robust solutions to food insecurity.

“It is also aimed at improving production and export of goods and services through value addition and beneficiation,” he said.

“Another objective is also to expand accessibility and utilisation of ICTs, building and rehabilitating infrastructure and utilities, availing and increasing social and economic opportunities for women, youths and physically challenged persons in our communities.”

Dr Sibanda expressed hope that ZIMPSET would yield results.

“It is our profound hope that implementation of ZIMPSET would yield short to medium term gains that will result in a growing economy that is highly competitive in the region and indeed the rest of Africa as well as building an empowered society that has control of the means of production,” he said.

He said the blueprint would focus on acceleration of public-private partnership to fund economic revival and infrastructural development.

Dr Sibanda said the blueprint should be implemented starting this month to the first quarter of 2014, while the rest of the programme was expected to be implemented between the first quarter 2014 and December 2015.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance Mr Willard Manungo said Government would unveil a Sovereign Wealth Fund aimed at raising capital from internal resources to sustain economic requirements.

The Fund was expected to solve dependence on funding from regional and international financiers.

“This facility is critical and we hope it will unlock more capital,” said Mr Manungo. “It has an advantage of boosting economic activities as it seeks to use local resources as collateral on offshore loans and is being mooted by Government after the realisation that the Medium Term Plan crafted during the inclusive Government era failed to attain its goals.”



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    Joseph 11 years ago

    Mochiregawo kutinyadzisa tanzwa nokutukirwa mudhara wedu.

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    How many times have heard this rubbish. 33 years and still no results. Please go away. We donot want you

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    Hango Yapalala 11 years ago


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    Mafuta 11 years ago

    Is she insane? The nation has not pinned its hopes on ZANU PF, it pinned its hopes on ZANU losing. The nation has curled up in despair after the party ripped its hopes to shreds and told those communities which voted opposition to piss off. Your party didn’t rig the elections to reverse the choking, plundering, and grinding you have dished up for 33 years, it stole the election so you could make Zimbabwe safe for you to continuing devouring human lives for the next thousand years. Duh. Dragons may weep and entreat, but they never cease to be dragons.

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    Sibangilizwe Lethube 11 years ago

    Good point by Mafuta.I support your comments.

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    munzwa 11 years ago

    “expand accessibility and utilization of ICT’s” my arse! start with the voters roll then. And do’nt worry VP we do’nt have high expectations of your lot.

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    farai 11 years ago

    who has high expectation?…..who expects zanu to deliver?PLIZ.

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    Peter Goma 11 years ago

    Mai Mujuru,we just hope you real mean what you say. You talked about infrastructure and service delievery that is what people have voted Zanu PF and people expect that to happen. For example we have major hospitals in Mberengwa (Mnene, Matibi and Msume hospitals but access to these hospital is really a problem. People in Mberengwa always vote for Zanu Pf in anticipating of their infrastructure to be upgraded since from 1980. This madam should be addressed sooner than later because some patients die in the scotchcuts trying to go to the hospital because of shortage of transport due to bad roads.

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    shepard 11 years ago

    Piss off we are tired about so called zanu pf will do this and that my foot the coutry is finish bcoz for your zanu pf

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    Johnny k 11 years ago

    Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance Mr Willard Manungo said Government would unveil a Sovereign Wealth Fund aimed at raising capital from internal resources to sustain economic requirements. HaHaHaHaHa The Sovereign Wealth of Zimbabwe is in the Sovereign states of Switzerland or the Virgin Islands or Singapore.
    There have also never been a single Zanu employee that is fair transparent or accountable.