We must unite to free our country or regret it 

Earlier on today I was asked why it was so easy to unite and stand against the Rhodesian Regime but we can not do the same against the worst Regime?.

Source: We must unite to free our country or regret it – The Zimbabwean

This question I have heard many times, the answers I hear are
-fear of the army
-fear of being jailed
-fear of being killed
-fear fear fear fear ………..

then how was it possible that our people had no fear against the Rhodesians?.
Actually I feel and this is my own opinion, that the country is too far gone to be saved and hence the true reason why nobody in their right mind will risk body and soul to now take up the fight to free Zimbabwe.
But I need to use our northern neighbour as an example, Zambia led by Kenneth Kaunda was driven into the mud, Kaunda declared himself life president until the Zambians stopped talking and today Zambia is flourishing.
Since the ousting of Kaunda

Zambia’s currency the Kwacha has become the second strongest currency to the Botswana Pula.
Zambia has had various presidents including a white president.

Former president the late Fredrick Chiluba was imprisoned for corruption.
Investment to Zambia has grown in the last three years.
Zambia has become the biggest exporter of copper.

Before 2000 Zambia was a racially divided nation brought on by Kaunda.
Now if the Zambians could bring about change through unity why not Zimbabweans?.
The secret was UNITY nothing else.

Zimbabweans have believed that some western power would free Zimbabwe, sadly nothing like that will happen.
It waits to be seen how much deep regret Zimbabweans will have in a decades time, it is almost the end of the year and nothing has happened.

Do Zimbabweans want to go through 2021 worse than 2020?

Do we believe that miracles will just happen?, the Children Of Israel were not just handed Canaan they had to fight for it, Zimbabweans are all crying for their “Canaan” but not prepared to lift a finger.

Once we stop making excuses and take the bull by its horns and UNITE then as I have stated many times we will be singing the same song in 2030 but will there actually be a country worth saving, saving the country in a decades time will be too late the time is actually now the drums are beating and they are getting louder by the day.