‘We refuse to be cowed’ 

MDC chief whip and Chikanga-Dangamvura legislator Prosper Mutseyami said some opposition legislators had received threatening messages from unknown people, warning them to watch their steps and stop their campaigning for democracy and respect for human rights.

Source: ‘We refuse to be cowed’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe 30 NOV, 2018


Mutseyami told NewsDay on the sidelines of their party demonstration yesterday, that although they were disturbed by such messages, they would not be cowed, but remain resolute.

One of the messages seen by NewsDay read: “Zita rangu ndonzi ‘Death’ Mafreedoms nemarights amunoda kukoshesa aya be careful kuti security in numbers haiwanzobatsiri kana wawega. We are gunning for you!!” (My name is ‘Death’. In your quest for democracy remember that there is no security in numbers).

Mutseyami claimed the Central Intelligence Organisation(CIO) and Zanu PF were responsible for such messages.

“It’s a sad situation that we would receive these threatening messages from some anonymous funny people, but I know this thing has so much to do with the CIO and the Zanu PF system,” he said.

“It’s so sad to the democratic situation that we want to nurture in our country, which is being subverted by a system. But this will not stop us from exercising our rights and as well standing up for the people.”

Meanwhile, MDC vice-president and leader of the opposition in Senate Elias Mudzuri was yesterday embarrassed by a section of party members who accused him of selling out to Zanu PF.

Mudzuri, who has been on the receiving end since attending a meeting in his capacity as a parliamentary presiding officer last week at State House, was booed while trying to chant a slogan at the Africa Unity Square.

He tried to brave the embarrassing moment, but party supporters would have none of it, singing derogatory songs that described him as a sell-out.

Seeing that the supporters were not backing down, Mudzuri was escorted off the stage and whisked away in his car, leaving angry supporters hurling insults at him
He did not join the rest of the party leadership in the march.