We shall overcome, says Acting President 

Source: We shall overcome, says Acting President | The Herald 31 DEC, 2018

We shall overcome, says Acting President
Acting President Constantino Chiwenga addresses a national thanksgiving and dedication service at ZITF Grounds in Bulawayo yesterday. With him are Apostle Abel Sande (left) and Prophet Andrew Wutawunashe (right). —(Picture by Eliah Saushoma)

Pamela Shumba Bulawayo Bureau
Zimbabwe is going through a difficult patch for now, but results of Government’s efforts to turnaround the economy should start showing in the coming months, Acting President Constantino Chiwenga has said. He also challenged the nation to speak with one voice against sanctions.

He told thousands of congregants at a national thanksgiving and dedication service organised by the Faith for the Nation Campaign here yesterday that the country was going through a difficult time, but urged Zimbabweans to continue working hard.

“Our nation is going through a difficult patch. Our children need jobs and better prospects. Government is doing its best to bring about a turnaround in the fortunes of our nation. We are confident that our economy is on the path to recovery,” he said.

“Things will start to look up in the coming months. Before long, our nation will prosper in spite of those who want to see us down. I am happy and truly grateful that the church continues to preach against sanctions. We follow your efforts with keen interest,” he said.

Acting President Chiwenga commended the church for complementing Government’s re-engagement drive.

“Let us not give up, for God hears and answers the cries of his people. As a nation, we need to build a united front and speak with one voice against sanctions,” said Acting President Chiwenga.

“We have many resources, all of them God-given and we are a hard working people, thanks to the discipline and the work ethic which the church has inculcated in our people,” he added.

He said the leadership was fully aware of the painful situation in the country and called for perseverance.

“Many of us cry over sanctions and all the difficulties they have brought on our lives. As your leaders, we fully understand your craving for all things to be good, easy and beautiful but the scriptures plainly and loudly tell us finding our own corner of the earth is no walk in the park.

“You struggle, sweat, bleed, suffer or even die for that which is yours. Our nation went through all these tribulations and still continues to be punished for recovering that which rightfully belongs to it,” said Acting President Chiwenga.

He said the church had a key role to play in building the country and promoting peace and love.

“I am not tempting the church away from its divine path, but only reminding it of its secular duties,” he said.

“As congregants, we are the body of Christ and as citizens we are the bodies out of which God has made our nation of Zimbabwe, the same way he moulded the nation of Israel out of all who belong to it.

“Nations are built on fraternal love, not on hate and derision, yet we see much of hate and spite nowadays. We see hate speech and ill-will even flowing from the pulpit. We cannot build God’s nation on negative sentiments, more so when it comes from those who must radiate love and show the path of virtue,” said Acting President Chiwenga.

He condemned preachers who incite violence in churches.

“Lately we have witnessed men and women of the cloth grabbing one another by the collar, calling each other names and throwing pieces of furniture at each other in the house of God. What an abomination!

“The church should not succumb to bodily urges, but preach peace and love in the world; teach us to revere the elderly and preach forgiveness and reconciliation,” said Acting President Chiwenga.

On behalf of President Mnangagwa, the acting President wished the nation a prosperous New Year.

Prophet Andrew Wutawunashe, who is the Faith for the Nation Campaign chairman, commended Acting President Chiwenga for working with President Mnangagwa and Vice President Kembo Mohadi for the development of the nation.

He said their unshakable unity continues to be an abiding asset for progress in the country.

“No matter the challenges we are facing as a nation, we know we will always stand firm and united because our leaders are leading by example.

“The Lord will definitely continue to grant us peace and unity and 2019 shall be a year of progress for the new dispensation,” said Prophet Wutawunashe.

Before the service ended, Prophet Wutawunashe and other church leaders prayed for Acting President Chiwenga and the entire nation.

Provincial Affairs Ministers for Bulawayo and Matabeleland South, Cdes Judith Ncube and Abednico Ncube respectively, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, Cde Raj Modi, senior Zanu-PF officials and leaders of different churches graced the occasion.


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    Gutuma 4 years ago

    Wutawashe at one time during the welcoming of the former governor of masvingo who did not last a month in office by the name doctor chimedza was heard saying he announced chimedza ,together with mzembi went to the office and do some prayers these pastors are just politicians and rolling Stones they support dectators for their personnel benefit