We’ll not tolerate indiscipline: ZNA 

Source: We’ll not tolerate indiscipline: ZNA | The Herald October 22, 2019

We’ll not tolerate indiscipline: ZNAMaj-Gen Dube

Michael Magoronga Midlands Correspondent

The Zimbabwe National Army will not hesitate to deal decisively with rogue members who bring its image and reputation into disrepute, a senior army officer has said.

Speaking during a Speech and Prize giving ceremony of Inter Formation and Unit Drill Competitions held at Headquarters 5 Brigade last Friday, Chief of Staff Quartermaster Staff, Major-General Hlanganani Dube, said the rate of indiscipline among soldiers was worrying.

“I strongly feel obliged to express the command element’s concern over repeated acts of indiscipline by some of our members,” he said. “We continue to experience an increase in the number of members involved in crimes committed both within and outside the organisation. Such acts of indiscipline must end immediately.”

Maj-Gen Dube said those who deviated from army standards will be punished severely.

“Severe punishments will always be applied for any deviation from our set standards,” he said. “The ZNA will always strive for the best in the aspect of discipline to maintain its reputation which is always envied by many in the region and beyond.”

Discipline, he said, was a hallmark of the army.

“The army attaches great importance to drill as it instils discipline within ranks and file, for both individual members and teams,” said Maj-Gen Dube.

“It is a basic feature of our culture which has moulded the ZDF to be one of the highly professional armies within the region.”

Maj Gen Dube praised the overwhelming participation by female soldiers in the competition.

“Critical to note has been the deliberate emphasis on the participation of female members,” he said. “Such a development is welcome and resonates with the Government’s drive for gender equality with the aim of providing equal opportunities to both the male and female soldiers.”

The seventh edition of the drill competitions, which saw about 1 400 soldiers from 36 platoon battling for honours, was won by Masvingo-based 4 Brigade.

The platoon and companies that took part in the competition, which ran for two weeks, were drawn from all the army regiments and formations across the country.