Who sent Mthuli Ncube to Zimbabwe? 

Source: Who sent Mthuli Ncube to Zimbabwe? – Bulawayo24 News

Mthuli Ncube was the founder of the Barbican Bank, an elite institution that faced serious liquidity challenges, was involved in rampant fraudulent foreign exchange activities among other vices. After the 2017 coup, Mthuli became our Finance Minister and his appointment was above board and it sailed through parliament.

On the face of it, Mthuli’s educational background speaks for itself and removed any doubts we held in our minds for his earlier failures yet in just five years, he has managed to awaken even my grandpa in Gokwe to wonder how this guy ended up with such a critical government portfolio. My grandpa asks me every day; he wants to know where Mthuli came from. He wants to know if he was sent by the West to destroy our economy so we can revolt against ZANU PF.

I find Mthuli’s theories on technical phenomena such as investment, savings, growth, and so forth, without social content stupid. He makes the assumption that other things being equal, an increase in investment in Zimbabwe would raise its Gross National Product. Here is my advice to the Professor; these theories only work based on all other things being equal yet, all other things are not equal in Zimbabwe; the country is wracked by rampant corruption, crumbled infrastructure, clueless leadership among others.

The next time you look for a government job in Africa, please do your research; African dictators, especially the military type, are responsible for the postcolonial destruction and economic ruination of Africa. The military has been the worst – the scourge of the African continent and the bane of its development. All the collapsed and failed states in Africa were ruined by military baobab-heads.

If he is a genuine person, he must tender his resignation immediately and apologize to the Zimbabwean people. And for his next job anywhere in Africa, he must answer this basic question before he accepts the job: Are the country’s institutions of security forces, the civil service, the judiciary, the mass media, the electoral commission, and the central bank independent?

Last, I urge the Academia fraternity to protect their brand. No university professor or teacher may support or serve a military dictatorship. Professors who do not understand such elementary concepts as freedom and democracy have no business in a place of higher learning and should be disqualified from teaching; in fact, universities must consider placing such professors in the academic code.

We are all freedom fighters and we need help.