Why Exchanges Need To Improve User Experience For More Adoption


Have you ever thought about why the Cryptocurrency adaptation is taking so much time? Even after the decades have passed, people are still hesitant about the cryptocurrency adaptation. Why?

After talking to several Certo investors and non-crypto investors, we have come to the conclusion that one of the major obstacles for Crypto investment is the user experience on the Crypto trading platforms.

Well, this might surprise you. If so, how about answering these questions.

  • Are you a Crypto trader?
  • What problems do you face while making a trade?
  • Do you understand the price fluctuation of the market?
  • Are there any tools for you in the Crypto trading platforms that allow you to overview the market?

Well, if you can answer all these questions mentioned above, you will get what we meant when we used the term “User Experience.”

For most users ( if they have never used a trading platform), there is a huge learning curve, and the unconventional interphase makes it more difficult. This is when we realize that the trading platforms are built for more sophisticated users and can be challenging for the new investors.

Why Is User Experience Important To Boost Crypto Adaptation?

We all know that when we are working on a digital device, user experience matters a lot. If the user experience is bad, you might lose your potential customer. The same goes for the Cryptocurrency adaptation.

Here’s what we found with the research.

Ease of Use

The best way to understand the user experience is how comfortably we are interacting with the help of this website. In addition to that, you need to keep track of the speed of the platforms, feasibility, smooth navigation, and easy to understand the application.

Today, everything is on the internet; there are lots of businesses serving their customers online. That means you need to be fast and efficient to grab whatever opportunity you get. But if you have a laggy website that offers a hindrance to user experience, your audience might go to a different platform.

This same phenomenon occurs with the trading platform. With the laggy user interface and complex design, users get confused with the whole Crypto trading and decide not to take any step further. If you are looking for a smooth trading platform and an easy to understand user interface, bitcoin-billionaire.com might be your answer.


If you are meeting someone for the first time, it will take 0.1 seconds to leave a good first expression. But when you are dealing with a website, the time is reduced to half, 0.05 seconds. Hence, it becomes crucial that the user interphase of the website is super easy to understand. When you find a website that has created a good impression, you navigate the website to see what other things it has to cater to.

Cryptocurrency trading platform works the same as a website, so if developers can work on the user interface and easy to understand features, we are sure of the fact that Cryptocurrency adaptation will move a step closer to their goal.


A good user interface should be created while keeping the user in mind. And here, user means every kind of user- starting from new investors to experienced ones. The user interface should be clean and user friendly so that even the beginner traders can understand easily.

Features like sorting and filtering are not common in most of the trading platforms. This restricts the users from knowing the market. Developers can also add some features that can act as a visual aid to the traders. For instance, indicators that show the fluctuation of the market.


If developers can keep in mind the factors mentioned above while creating the Crypto trading platform, we might be able to see a surge of new investors and traders. Well, that’s what we think about the currency Cryptocurrency adaptation rate.