Why should people be asked to bring Zanu PF membership cards to receive donor funded food aid? 

Dear Professor Mavima,

Source: Why should people be asked to bring Zanu PF membership cards to receive donor funded food aid? – The Zimbabwean

I assume that as Minister of Social Welfare, your ministry is responsible for the distribution of support packages received from donors to assist the vulnerable during times such as the Coronavirus pandemic. It is disturbing to see that your Party Zanu PF is now calling on people to bring Zanu PF membership cards in order to receive food assistance obtained from donors.

This practice has been going on for a long time, and despite President Mnangagwa knowing that his party officials abuse food assistance and other resources meant for the public for purposes of electioneering, he has always turned a blind eye to these issues. All he makes are sweeping statements about his concern for the plight of the people, but the world now knows that this is all fake as he has not taken any action to reprimand his wayward officials. Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, for example, received resources for Coronavirus and goes on to brand them as Zanu PF sponsored, and President Mnangwagwa did not reprimand him, obviously because his image was printed on the resources as a way to campaign for him by falsely wanting people to believe that it is Zanu PF which procured the resources.

How do you as the responsible minister feel when your colleagues in Zanu PF abuse donor assistance in this manner. When, Professor Mavima, will you say you have had enough of such abuse of public resources by my colleagues and resign, or are you also benefiting from preferential treatment and part of the bandwagon as rumor has it?

Kennedy Kaitano