I will be your servant, vows Mnangagwa to crowds at Zanu (PF) HQ

In a brief address in Shona and English, lasting not more than ten minutes, the income President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, speaking without notes told crowds gathered at Zanu (PF) headquarters this evening  that the G40 cabal had captured the government and therefore had to be stopped. Here is the gist of what he said:

“Order were being given to government from outside. But the people of Zimbabwe,  you yourselves, have refused. I think you have read my letter asking Mugabe to step down, saying the people have spoken. you yourself said if the people say you must step down you shall comply. I told him this is the time to comply. The voice of the people is the voice of God.

“This day we are witnessing the beginning of a new democracy in our country.

“I wish also to thank the manner in which our defence forces under the leadership of Gen Chiwenga (huge cheers) … the process went very smoothly. I was in contact with the service chiefs throughout.  I have also held some discussions with regional heads of state. I met for  1,5 hours with President Zuma today, Namibia and former Tanzania President Kikwete. They hailed the discipline and peacefulness of the people of Zimbabwe. they were saying the way you have managed this process makes SADC proud  not only in Africa but also worldwid.

“May i thank my colleagues led by Cde Mpofu in the politburo who managed the process constitutionally to the point where former president Mugabe signed and said I now step down.

“With great respect and humility and profound gratitude to my colleagues for the manner in which they processed the resolutions to cause this moment to come by.

“Before I conclude because time is late, I am going to make my formal speech on Friday, I also wish to mention the manner in which speak of Parliament handled the process, he was under enormous pressure, but he stood his constitutional rights as speaker. The will of the people will always, always succeed.

“I pledge myself to be your servant. i appeal to all genuine patriotic Zimbabweans come together, we work together, no-one is more important than the other. we want to grow our economy, we want jobs, we want peace in our country. We need the cooperation of our neighbours in Africa, we need the support of the international community.  I’m already receiving messages of cooperation and support for us to grow our economy.

In Shona: “People were told all sorts of lies that there was a snake and they wanted to smash the head of the snake. I don’t know whose head has been smashed now.  The one upstairs in heaven is the one who knows what the people want. Thank you, for your perseverance and your unity. On Friday many people have promised to come to do the last job of fulfilling installing the new president.”

He ended with the customary Zanu (PF) slogans in Shona.


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    Good luck, you’re going to need it with this brute at the helm. But that’s Africa for you.

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    Things to do:
    1) Never wear a shirt/dress or any attire of any form that has the likeness of another human being. Company and party likeness fine, those are supposed to last a long time. Human beings, they must never humiliate and degrade other humans by requiring them to wear a likeness of themselves.
    2) Hold leaders to their constitutional mandate. Protect them but never worship them, kneel before them especially if you are male, as that is not founded in tradition but in modern cultism.
    3) Pray and thank God, but never delegate to God things humans are supposed to do, such as voting, criticising leaders, hiring and firing them and holding them accountable. Religious men of valour never spent nights wailing to God about their circumstances, they saw it as an insult to their God when adversaries challenged them, and they went out to deal with the situation.
    4) Work for yourself, your family, your neighbours/village; be fruitful and work for the country. Be a free global citizen who you are supposed to be. Enjoy.

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      Well said Tiki, and learn to be a critical thinker. They are not your ‘rulers’, they do not come to ‘power’ They are there to serve the people. If any individual running for high office talks about ‘power’ rather than serving the people they must be dismissed out of hand.

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    B . Kebede 5 years ago

    The Tyrant has gone….long live the new Tyrant……

    just another black day in Zimbabwe…….

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    I wish there will be true democracy in Zim.We need freedom of speech
    Rooting out corruption.
    Police harassment to be stopped.In fact police brutality against the people has to be tackled hands on.No need to milk poor people.
    Encourage unity among Zimbabweans,and development for all not partisan politics.
    Misuse of state institutions like CID must not be tolerated.
    Transparency in state enterprises