Women urged to aspire for top positions 

Women urged to aspire for top positions 

Source: Women urged to aspire for top positions – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 13, 2018

Women in the Midlands province should support each other to attain positions of leadership in politics in the general elections due in a few months’ time, a Women Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) Gweru chapter official has said.

By Stephen Chadenga

WCoZ Gweru chapter official, Florence Guza said women should adopt a culture of teamwork to ensure women candidates win elections.

“We have elections due this year and it is up to us as women to support one another, so that our concerns can be addressed by fellow women, who assume positions of leadership,” she said yesterday in Gweru at the belated International Women’s Day commemorations organised by WCoZ.

“It is not only in politics that we should support each other, but in all sectors, so that women can attain positions of leadership. As women we should shun the mentality of pulling each other down.”

Guza said it was up to women to come up with their own strategies to ensure that their presence in public office becomes a reality.

She said women had great potential to bring political, economic, social and cultural development in society, as they were the ones who bore the brunt of most social challenges.

According to a 2014 study done by Knowledge Mafuta from the Midlands State University, women are under-represented in the Gweru urban constituency, given as there are only two female councillors out of the 18 wards despite the big number of women in the area.

Local authorities and government are working 50:50 gender parity ratios.