ZACC Cancels Investigation On Grace Mugabe PhD, Pursues Beans & Maize Crime Instead

Source: ZACC Cancels Investigation On Grace Mugabe PhD, Pursues Beans & Maize Crime Instead | ZimEye

Dorrothy Moyo| The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission has cancelled its investigation over former First Lady Grace Mugabe’s PhD.

ZACC shall now rather pursue cases of fraud involving beans and maize involving other people. Two weeks ago, the Kwekwe Central MP Masango Matambanadzo was arrested over yet to be explained charges of possessing 30 tonnes of maize meal.

Another ZANU PF member was charged of possession of sacks of beans.

The development saw Presidential Spokesman George Charamba being grilled over state justice priorities.

The ZACC head of investigations Mr Goodson Nguni announced to the state media saying they are not at all investigating Grace Mugabe.

Nguni himself is a convict of fraud.

He told the state media, “there is no investigation regarding the PhD. We received a complaint but there is no probe.

The University of Zimbabwe awarded Grace Mugabe a PhD in 2014 amid questions over the short time in which she completed her research.

Her doctoral thesis is still not available in the UZ library.


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    Ndonga 2 years ago

    Of course ZACC would have had to abandon its investigation into the PhD given to our ex Mother of the Nation.

    She had just too much incriminating information on our new leaders, and the good doctor certainly knows how to use that to her best advantage.

    So, if this report is true, she is still Dr Amai Grace Mugabe PhD. And this after only a two week stint at our “Oxford of the South”, the glorious University of Zimbabwe.

    This is the very same university that its Vice Chancellor, Professor Levi Nyagura, claimed had conquered Africa…and who proudly claimed that his university’s motto was “Knowledge, Diligence and Integrity”.

    In Prof Nyagura’s dealings with our D I S Grace he sadly forgot about the Diligence and Integrity bits…and on second thoughts the Knowledge bit as well…