Zacc speaks on Mazowe RDC corruption fight

Source: Zacc speaks on Mazowe RDC corruption fight | The Herald

Zacc speaks on Mazowe RDC corruption fight
Commissioner John Makamure

Daniel Chigunwe Herald Correspondent

Mazowe Rural District Council has begun the implementation of a systems and compliance check procedure aimed at strengthening good corporate governance as recommended by the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC).

The recommendations by ZACC which came after a probe of corruption allegations at the council are an attempt to strengthen systems procedures in the day to day council operations.

In a recent interview with The Herald, ZACC spokesperson Mr John Makamure said the systems and compliance check which is targeting both urban and rural councils is a preventive measure meant to plug loopholes for corrupt activities.

He said Mazowe RDC is one of the councils that has since begun the adoption of a cocktail of measures aimed at improving the operations of the local governance sector, “as ZACC we carried out a systems and compliance check on Mazowe Rural District Council and came out with recommendations aimed at strengthening systems procedures and ensure adherence to good corporate governance.

“When systems and procedures are strengthened that will assist in plugging any loopholes for corrupt activities, more like we are trying to prevent corruption from occurring.”

He added that ZACC is pleased with the progress in the implementation of these strategies by the council.

“We are glad that Mazowe RDC has started implementing some of our recommendations, this is what we have been doing with a number of local authorities and our systems and compliance check is not only targeted on rural but includes urban councils as well,” said Makamure.

Meanwhile, Mazowe RDC council chairperson Cllr John Mudzonga confirmed progress adding that there is a selected independent body assisting the council in the implementation of the ZACC report recommendations.

“As council, we have begun the process of implementing recommendations that were availed by ZACC and with the assistance of an independent body led by the Mt Darwin RDC and a team drawn from other councils like Shamva,” said Mudzonga.