Zanu (PF) confident of impeaching Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s ruling party expressed confidence on Monday that longtime President Robert Mugabe could be impeached within two days, while the world’s oldest head of state ignored the party’s midday deadline to resign.

As ruling party lawmakers began meeting on impeachment plans, deputy secretary for legal affairs Paul Mangwana said they would move a motion for impeachment on Tuesday and set up a parliamentary committee, and on Wednesday the committee would report back to all lawmakers and “we vote him out.”- AFP


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    Oh you can impeach him, but this will backfire as he is allowed to defend himself. When he reveals to the world the entire shenanigans of ZANU PF they will be finished as a party. And they are all complicit. I was ‘just following orders’ doesn’t cut it anymore. He’ll kick off by telling the world that Morgan won 72 percent of the vote, subsequent to which Chiwenga and Mnangagwa conspired to steal the election. It will all unravel from there.

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    Jonsina 5 years ago

    Just asking how is the impeachment vote going to be conducted? By lifting of hands or secret ballot? And if it’s secret ballot suppose the motion to impeach loses in ballot count, what will be the next move for us guys? Maybe firing squad whatyouthink girls?