ZANU PF deliberates with business on economic growth 

Source: ZANU PF deliberates with business on economic growth | The Herald

ZANU PF deliberates with business on economic growth
Zanu PF National Political Commissar, Dr Mike Bimha speaks during the ZANU PF listening party stakeholders conference with the business sector held at Rainbow Towers in Harare yesterday.— Picture: Edward Zvemisha.

Joseph Madzimure

Senior Reporter

The business sector yesterday called for the acceleration of value-addition and beneficiation in all sectors to ensure a sustainable growth of the national economy.

Some stakeholders also emphasised the need to award tenders for big projects to local firms to ensure sustainable economic growth.

Zanu PF and the business community yesterday met in Harare to deliberate on how to accelerate and achieve sustainable economic growth for the betterment of the people.

The objective of the all stakeholders meeting was to provide an opportunity to entrepreneurs, professionals and thought leaders to air their views and thoughts of the best possible way forward to achieve sustainable economic growth.

The meeting was conducted under the theme: ‘What we need to do as a nation to accelerate and achieve sustainable economic growth’.

The inaugural listening stakeholders conference on the state of the economy was meant to create a platform where the private sector interacts on bread and butter issues.

The inaugural listening party platform attracted business leaders from across all sectors of the economy and they took turns to commend the revolutionary party on the milestones achieved while also proffering solutions on what needs to be done for a sustainable economic growth.

During the deliberations, the stakeholders contribute immensely while the party leadership listen and take notes on their views.

The contributions will then be forwarded to the party leadership.

Deliberating on a frank-talk listening stakeholders meeting, the business community challenged the Government departments to implement party policies which are people centred. Chinese businessman, Longde Group president Mr Xilong Su commended the Second Republic for opening opportunities for investment.

“We are happy as the business community with the policies availed by the Second Republic. We are keen to invest more in Zimbabwe,” said Mr Su.

Business Economic Forum president Mr Solomon Matsa said commented the party for organising such platforms saying it will give everyone an opportunity to contribute towards rebuilding the country’s economy.

“The meeting shows that the party under the Second Republic cares about its people where the party leadership asks people to come and share notes on the state of the economy. This is a platform where we know where we are going forward as a nation. From this dialogue we are bringing a lot of ideas, we are very confident that they are going to implement some of the things which will buttress the economy,”

He said Government ministries should give tenders to locals to build the economies.

“We are happy with the projects which are being undertaken, but there is also need to replicate what has been done in roads, giving contracts to local firms. Local firms must dominate in these local projects,” he said.

He said the party should monitor those deployed in Government to ensure they implement party policies.

 “It’s a huge challenge that when people get positions in Government and parastatals they forget what is their mandate. People who were appointed by the Government must deliver for the betterment of the people. Its not about education, its not about experience, its about delivering what is required by Zimbabweans. People should benefit from those positions because they are put in those positions by the people. They are there to work for the people of this country. They have to make life of ordinary people better,” said Mr Matsa.

Trans Limpopo Capital leader Mr Wellington Pasipamire said there is need operationalise the sovereign wealth fund to revive the economy.

 “We need to accelerate value addition of minerals and agriculture produce. Lets operationalise the sovereign wealth fund, we are missing out on Lithium. There is also need for a deliberate policy to marshal all pension funds to invest in value-addition plans,” he said.

Industrialist Mr Callisto Jokonya said Zimbabwe have abundant resources which can transform the country’s economy

Zanu PF is an incredible organisation which is exhibited by the way it holds rallies and conference and it can do the same to the economy,” he said.

 “We must have a deliberate policy of value-addition.

Economist Mr Brains Muchemwa weighed in saying there is need for discipline in the market.

“Excessive money supply and unproductive money are pushing inflation figures,” he said.

CRZ president Mr Denford Mutashu said Government has done well in infrastructure projects and rail must be prioritised the same way government has done to roads.

CZI president Mr Kurai Matsheza said value-addition needs to be accelerated saying this will transform the manufacturing sector.

Zanu national political commissar Dr Mike Bimha was first to brief the business leaders on the concept and telling them to be very candid on their submissions.

“The party is supreme to Government and has an obligation to formulate policy positions arising from the party manifesto, conference resolutions as well as Central Committee and Politburo decisions. 

“The decision making process therefore thrives from the needs, aspiration and views from the various stakeholders,” he said.

Cde Bimha emphasised that it is also the duty of the party to continuously monitor and evaluate the implementation of Government programmes and ensure they are aligned to party policies.

The party’s Secretary for Finance Cde Patrick Chinamasa promised business leaders that the party will digest expressing optimism that it will influence policy direction.

“The idea is for the party to retain power perpetually and to do that is to listen to you as the business people,” he said.

The listening party concept will be rolled across the provinces across as the revolutionary party leaves no one and no place behind in the development agenda.