Zanu PF official dies on campaign trail 

Source: Zanu PF official dies on campaign trail –Newsday Zimbabwe

A Zanu PF female provincial member assigned to the Beitbridge West ongoing campaign for the December 9 by-elections died on Saturday due to the heatwave currently being experienced in the border town.

Temperatures in Beitbridge have in the last five days been hovering around 40 degrees Celsius with regular warnings for people to stay indoors and hydrated.

The deceased identified as Sister Moyo Bhebhe was taken to Beitbridge Hospital after complaining that she was not feeling well but died soon after admission, the NewsDay heard yesterday.

The death was also announced in a Zanu PF WhatsApp group.

“Comrades, this is both painful and energy sapping. We were with this sister in the ward 14 programme in Beitbridge West.

“Yesterday, (Friday) we left her at the command centre. Today (Saturday) we went with her but she appeared unwell. We tried convincing her to remain behind but she insisted on going to the programme.

“When we knocked off, she showed signs of stress and we took her to hospital where all failed with her blood sugar level reported high, above 40. It is too hot here (in Beitbridge),” read the message that was posted in the WhatsApp group on Saturday.

It added: “To us it’s painful but her courage to die on duty is worth all respect. For us who were with her, it has badly impacted on us. But this is a heroine who has gone.”

Zimbabwean political parties are engaged in campaigns for the by-elections triggered by self-imposed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu who has recalled lawmakers andcouncillors.

These recalls have triggered by-elections, although Nelson Chamisa, the opposition party president, is battling to block him through the courts.

The deceased was part of the Zanu PF campaign team dispatched to Beitbridge West where their losing candidate Thusani Ndou faces Morgan Ncube and Blessing Choeni both of the CCC led by Chamisa and Tshabangu, respectively.

Other candidates for Beitbridge West by-elections are Blessing Brendan Dube an independent and Thoriso Moyo, the only female candidate, from Zapu.