Zanu-PF probes shortages of basic commodities

Zanu-PF probes shortages of basic commodities

Source: Zanu-PF probes shortages of basic commodities | The Herald October 1, 2018

Cde Rugeje

Lawrence Chitumba MashCentral Correspondent
Zanu-PF is concerned with the unjustified hiking of prices of basic commodities and the shortage of certain goods being experienced in the country, which the party expects to end soon as Government is dealing with the situation.

Speaking during an inter-district meeting in Bindura on Saturday, Zanu-PF national political commissar Cde Engelbert Rugeje said the party did not understand what was causing the unjustified price increases of most basic commodities.

“As the ruling party, we are concerned about the unjustified price increases and shortages of certain commodities that are currently being experienced in the country, but we are optimistic that things will normalise as Government is taking several measures to deal with the problem,” he said.

“Efforts are underway to attract foreign investment.”

Cde Rugeje said Government was looking into the causes of the price hikes.

“The party is failing to understand what is triggering these price hikes,” he said. “Is it because they are not happy with Zanu-PF’s victory during the just-ended elections or is it because of mere cruelty?

“The Government is looking at these issues to find a lasting solution. We now have a new Minister of Finance, who is an expert in the finance sector, and we are also now trying to mend relations with a lot of countries which used to be hostile to us.”

Cde Rugeje said the country was expecting better fortunes.

Supermarkets are increasing prices of basic commodities with no convincing reasons, eroding the people’s buying power as salaries have ramained stagnant.

Other non-basic goods like cement have all of a sudden disappeared from the market, with manufacturers not giving any satisfactory explanation as to the cause.

This has led to speculative buying by some elements.

Cde Rugeje said Zanu-PF no longer had one centre of power in terms of policy formulation.

He said the ruling party will ensure that promises it made to the people during the election campaigns were implemented.

“We now have senior people working full-time for the party,” said Cde Rugeje. “All along I was the only one who was working full-time. We now have 11 Politburo members who are now permanently employed by the party and I am also one of them.

“Our job is to look at whether what we promised the electorate during the run-up to the just-ended harmonised elections is delivered. If we discover that what the people want is found at the Ministry of Agriculture, for example, we will go to the President and advise him that what the people want is at that particular ministry.

“This is what we call supremacy of the party over Government.”


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    Prices go up when there are more buyers than sellers. This fact has been hard for ZANUPF to understand since 1980. After all it works on the ZSE and at the tomato stalls around the town and even when you buy a boiled egg at the bus stop.
    Funnily it also applies to the US dollar – today equal to 2.15 mabondi I hear from roadport

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    Morty Smith 2 years ago

    A ZANU probe? ZANU is the cause of these problems. Are they going to probe themselves? A good starting point would be to realise that introspection is not a ZANU strength. If it was they would long ago have realised how stupid and self defeating their policies have always been.

    Take heart though. The chances of this being any kind of productive effort is zero