Zanu PF supporters defy party directive 

SCORES of Zanu PF supporters in Murewa South attended a rally organised by independent candidate Noah Mangondo at the weekend clad in party regalia, as tension heightens ahead of the July 30 elections.

Source: Zanu PF supporters defy party directive – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 3, 2018


On Saturday, the party supporters were at Jekwa before another rally at Virginia Country Club on Sunday where they chanted President Emmerson Mnangagwa and independent candidate Mangondo’s slogans.

Murewa South constituency is giving Zanu PF a headache, following Mangondo’s decision to contest against Zanu PF’s preferred candidate, Joel Biggie Matiza.

Former Zanu PF district secretary for legal affairs, Kudakwashe Wachekwa who attended Mangondo’s rally said the use of party regalia confirmed that these were genuine Zanu PF supporters.

“The people in Murewa South have the party at heart. All they do not want is to have an MP imposed on them. This explains why we did not form a political party. Being independent is just a way of removing imposed MPs from the office which are seemingly being protected by the party,” he said.

Since the launch of his manifesto in Macheke a fortnight ago, Mangondo has been drawing larger crowds than Matiza’s.
Mangondo denied reports that he was a Zanu PF rebel.

“I am not a rebel at all. It is you the people who asked me to be an independent candidate after you failed to exercise your right to choose your favoured candidate,” he said.

Despite being approved by the politburo to stand in the primary elections, Mangondo was barred from taking part in the election as his name was missing from the ballot papers.

Chaos erupted at most polling stations, including the burning of ballot papers at Craiglea Secondary School, as party supporters protested against his