Zanu PF tells Mubaiwa to ‘go to hell’ 

Source: Zanu PF tells Mubaiwa to ‘go to hell’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe


ZANU PF has told Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife, Marry Mubaiwa to ‘go to hell’ for dragging President Emmerson Mnangagwa and First Lady Auxillia in her fight for the custody of her children.

Marry lost custody of her three minor children over two years ago to Chiwenga, who also doubles up as Health and Child Care minister.

She has often taken to Twitter to describe her emotional pain and struggles. Mubaiwa has also publicly dragged Mnangagwa and the First Lady Auxilliain into the case, alleging that they appeared powerless to intervene in fear of the former army general.

That appears to have irked Zanu PF, with the party’s director of information Tafadzwa Mugwadi telling her to ‘go to hell.’

“Listen Marry. Hazvishandi (It doesn’t work). Courts don’t administer issues on Twitter. Secondly, what has the President to do with your issues? Leave him out of your issues please,” Mugwadi responded.

“Thirdly do you still have a husband? You want love by ginya (force)? Anyway fambira nyaya dzako wega usiye mazita evasinei newe. (Deal with your issues. Leave out names of those who have nothing to do with you.”

In an interview, Mugwadi accused Mubaiwa of making heinous accusations on Twitter knowing that the people she name-drops could not respond in equal measure using the same platform.

“I don’t have anything to add to what l said on Twitter. Court issues are not discussed on Twitter. She is taking advantage of the fact that some leaders are not on Twitter,” Mugwadi said.

In her latest post, Mubaiwa pleaded with the international community not to allow Chiwenga to set foot on their soils over his behaviour where he has proved that “he is above the law” with Mnangagwa doing little to assist.

Chiwenga argues that Mubaiwa is not mentally fit to be a parent and in need of urgent psychiatric treatment.

Mubaiwa also faces charges of plotting to kill Chiwenga, money-laundering, fraud and assault and is out on bail.

She denies the charges as a fabrication and an attempt deny her access to her children.

“I am so heartbroken by the attitude that my husband Vice-President Chiwenga is presenting, the ‘I don’t care because I am above the law and even the President ED cannot do anything to me’. I want my children and no country in the world should accept him in their country,” Mubaiwa wrote on her Twitter diaries last Wednesday.

Mubaiwa is suffering from severe lymphoedema and spontaneous formation of abscesses whose origins have not been determined.

Her application to obtain a passport to travel abroad for treatment was quashed by the courts.

Harare magistrate Lazini Ncube has ruled that Mubaiwa is fit to stand trial.

Chiwenga recently testified in the case though in camera, a stunt described Mubaiwa’s lawyers as a “class justice”. Last week, pictures of Mubaiwa falling from stairs due to ill health and being assisted to stand up went viral.

The matter was postponed to January 17 for trial continuation.



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    spiralx 1 year ago

    Mubaiwa responds, up yours too, you greedy self-centred bunch of criminal incompetents.

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    Nyoni 1 year ago

    She married into criminality and enjoyed the fruits of this rogue until he wanted more small houses as one was holding him down. As Zimbabweans we have failed to keep these bandits in check and as such these criminals will continue to abuse our timidness until they die. When are we ever going to learn from past events to now these bandits will never change , they are worse then Idi Amin !!!. Aluta Continua.