Zapu dares RBZ over externalised funds moratorium

Source: Zapu dares RBZ over externalised funds moratorium – NewsDay Zimbabwe January 12, 2018

The Dumiso Dabengwa-led Zapu has challenged the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) to update the nation on how much of the externalised funds have been repatriated back into the country following a three-month moratorium issued by President Emmerson Mnangagwa last November.


Mnangagwa, after his inauguration, gave all individuals and companies who externalised funds or assets, up to the end of February to repatriate them back into the country with no questions asked or charges preferred against them, warning the government would descend heavily on non-compliant offenders after the moratorium.

Zapu deputy spokesperson, Iphithule Maphosa yesterday requested that the RBZ furnish the nation with information and updates on developments around the matter.

“We request all the information on how many have heeded the call so far and how much inflow has been realised,” he said.
“We do not ask for names of looters, but updates on how much of State funds have been returned according to amounts and dates.

“The RBZ may further furnish the nation on the prospects of getting all the externalised funds back within the decreed three months’ amnesty and make necessary recommendations.”

Maphosa said it was every citizen’s constitutional right to access such information from the RBZ and any other responsible authority.

There was optimism and excitement when Mnangagwa issued the decree that people would start repatriating money, but so far the government has been quiet on whether any money has been returned to the country.

Mnangagwa warned that he had the names of everyone who expatriated money and with a little over six weeks to go before the expiry of the moratorium, Maphosa said the government should at least have given an update.

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