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ZCTU calls for protests over SalaryGate

via ZCTU calls for protests over SalaryGate – Nehanda Radio Feb 14, 2014

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has called for peaceful demonstrations against the SalaryGate Scandal that saw top executives and board members in state owned enterprises award themselves obscene salaries.

A statement seen by Nehanda Radio and signed by ZCTU president Lovemore Matombo called upon “citizens of this country to resist this evil by peacefully demonstrating to show their disapproval and anger.”

“This is the time to act and support the political voices that have constantly called for the eradication of corruption in Zimbabwe,” Matombo said.

“We note with concern the reported pilfering, misappropriation and looting of parastatals, local authorities and other government institutions.

“As the representative of the majority of workers in Zimbabwe, we want to stress that it is not only the unearthing of these heinous scandals which should be done but the decisive corrective action which is necessary to avoid recurrence and deter would be looters,” Matombo said.

Matombo said punitive action by the legal system should not only bear on rapists like Pastor Gumbura and the 290 years jail term rapist, Thomas Brighton Chirembwe, but also descend heavily on the rapists of our economy such as Cuthbert Dube, Happison Muchechetere and others.

“We demand urgent redress to this cancer which is hemorrhaging our nation whilst the majority of our citizens suffer. We call upon the relevant authorities to investigate the boards of all parastatals. The PSMAS board must immediately resign as a sign of respect to the nation. Mr Luxon Zembe is not the solution as he sat the previous board,” Matombo added.

President Robert Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba raked in over $100 000 last year from the scandal-ridden Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) despite claiming he was the least paid person on the board.

Charamba who doubles up as presidential spokesman and Permanent Secretary in the Information Ministry was a key board member, including serving on the finance and budget committee that approved PSMAS CEO Cuthbert Dube’s obscene US$500 000 in monthly salaries, benefits and allowances.

It was also under his watch as Permanent Secretary in the Information Ministry that the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) paid the now suspended CEO Happison Muchechetere a whooping $40 000 a month even though workers at the debt-ridden broadcaster went for months without being paid.

ZBC is currently saddled with a $44,3 million debt amid revelations at least 500 workers will have to be retrenched in a restructuring exercise meant to turnaround the public broadcaster.



  • comment-avatar
    Charles Chamunorwa 4 years

    Sure. We must all go to the streets. Lovemore, I support you

  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 4 years

    If nothing is done by anyone this bunch of thugs will just continue to pillage OÚR RESOURCES. An Independent Watchdog must be set up to mönitor and report these crooks to all the world. How the hell are we to improve when Investors see the garbage we have to run a country. Who will invest. The ZTCU must act to protect workers now.

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    japhet moyo 4 years

    Editor, we have said before that Matombo has a right to coment on any topical issues but if he is a law abiding Zimbabwean , he should refrain from calling himself zctu President because that matter of who is zctu was settled by the supreme he had himself petetioned.
    Whilst we agree with his views on the salarygate we deplore his lawlessness attitude in defying the courts like what zanu pf is known of doing.He pretends to be above the law only accepting what favours him and disregard the rule of law.
    Thats typical of well known particular political parties’ attitudes.

  • comment-avatar
    japhet moyo 4 years

    We have made public the judgement before therefore the media should take him to task whether he is not bound by the zimbabwean courts , when he is the one who approached them on the first place.
    He should be reminded that charity begiins at home.

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    japhet moyo 4 years

    The statements being published would be used against him when we apply for contempt of court and the media which peddles the same falsehoods knowing that Matombo is not the President of zctu would also be liable.
    We do not believe that newspapers should publish any letter where a person claims to be President of an organisation when at and on record he is not unless that paper shares the sinister agenda the person carries.

  • comment-avatar
    japhet moyo 4 years

    The zctu issued statements more than a year ago on wage disparities after a thourogh research which covered both private and public sectors.
    That information was given also to our affiliates for collective bargaining purposes and we got a backlash from EMCOZ for puplisizing the researched information.
    We asked gvt to act on the unfair distribution of our wealth and share the burden of recovery.
    It was not our view at that time that people should demostrate , however the widespread looting aganst poor service delivery might need a different interventions like the one being organised by civic society.

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    MikeH 4 years


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    Saddened 4 years

    At last a national organisation has shown the guts to take the lead in what we as ordinary citizens can do about the salarygate revelations. Given that the demonstrations are going to be peaceful the ZRP should not intervene. So to those who are quick to say South Africa is going the same way as Zim I would like to remind them that the SAPS recently defended the DA supporters & dealt decisively with the ANC supporters who sought to attack them. In the circumstances we should expect no less from the ZRP!

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    Momberume 4 years

    Who is Lovemore Matombo ?. As a concerned worker i understand that Matombo is nolonger Z.C.T.U president after the 2011 elective congress in Bulawayo. He challenged the congress upto the supreme court where his appeal together with Raymond ” Baby elephant ” Majongwe, was dismissed with costs. They are NOT the legimate Z.C.T.U. leadership. The legitimate leadership is the one led by Geoge Nkiwane and Japhet Moyo as president and secretary general respectively. Matombo is in contempt of court by calling himself the president of Z.C.T.U . He has no locus standi to call for a demostration. Workers beware !!!!!

    • comment-avatar
      japhet moyo 4 years

      Thank you Momberume.
      How the media entertain him knowing the legal standing buffles our mind unless certain journalist are fighting in Matombo’ s corner.
      With poor salaries in the media one would be tempted to think that money is changing hands for one to get coverage.
      We expect our media people to research and confront their sources of information with facts.
      Matombo should be told by the press also that in terms of Zimbabwean law they can not call him the president of zctu but any other title not yet decided by the courts otherwise those who call him that are also in contept of court.

  • comment-avatar
    Momberume 4 years

    Legal proceedings should start personally against Matombo,he is misleading the nation. He must grow up and respect our courts. He is the president of his union, Communication and Allied Services Union Of Zimbabwe, NOT the president of Z.C.T.U. Matombo should be arrested. Batai munhu !! Matombo kura iwe mhani.