‘Zim faces worse dictatorship should Grace take over ’ 

Source: ‘Zim faces worse dictatorship should Grace take over ’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 8, 2017

ZAPU leader, Dumiso Dabengwa, yesterday said the country faces a “worse dictatorship” should First Lady, Grace Mugabe take over from her soon-to-be-94-year-old husband President Robert Mugabe.


Dabengwa yesterday said Zimbabweans were so desperate for change and were against a Mugabe dynasty to an extent they would even support a coup, as long as it was bloodless, but ruled out axed Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa from the race saying he would likely perpetuate Zanu PF’s bad governance.

He said Zanu PF’s G40 faction, which has the backing of the First Lady, should be stopped in its tracks from accomplishing its State capture motives.

Mnangagwa was expelled from government on Monday on accusations of disloyalty, deceitfulness, disrespect and unreliability, among other charges, months after he had come under sustained attacks from Grace.

“If there are people who think it’s the only way, I don’t know them, I can’t stop them, but if they are there let them be level-headed enough to ensure that there is no violence, there is no bloodshed. I cannot stop them and that if they did it, they will get 99% support from the people because of the way people feel,” Dabengwa said after unveiling the Dr Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation at a private Bulawayo lodge.

The foundation is a non-profit organisation that seeks to carry out a number of development and humanitarian projects which will help mitigate shortcomings in areas of human capital development, promotion of democracy and constitutionalism, leadership and governance and humanitarian aid particularly the welfare of ex-combatants.

The organisation will also push for redress and restorative justice for Gukurahundi and political violence victims since 1980.
“The manner in which people have become desperate, anything that can change the way things are going in this country, they will now support,” he responded to a question on his thoughts on whether there can be a possibility of a coup in Zimbabwe.

The Zanu PF youth league on Monday threw their weight behind First Lady Grace in her bid to succeed Mnangagwa, as provincial structures called for a female VP.

“I smell worse dictatorship facing our people if those elements are allowed to continue and do what they think they have to do. These are people who have no sympathy about the fate of Zimbabweans, feelings about the suffering of the people of this country,” he said.

“I don’t believe that if any of those people are allowed to continue our situation will be any better, on the contrary it will be worse than it is today.

“With the crisis that we face today, all I can say is that it reinforces statements that I made when (former Vice-President) Joice Mujuru was fired that it was the beginning of the end. Whoever, emerges victorious, whether it is the First Lady or anyone else there is not going to be any immediate change….”


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    Fact is all current zanu pf mafia squad is the same when it comes kleptocracy, lack of sensitivity to plight of people, and readiness to have any one who holds a different view killed as long as the security sector remains stuffed with overzealous & gullible gun-men & women. This includes the recently fired ex-VP. So, I think the Zimbo’s prayers need be to have a zanu pf guy at the top with the least ability to galvanise the overzealous mafia gang that masquerade as national security sector when in fact it is a mere militia that just protects the guy at the helm.

    My take therefore is, the ascension of Grace to the thrown might be some kind of Manna from the heavens for the Zimbos. Surely, she does not have the same ability as ED, or anyone in zanu pf for that matter, to sustainably galvanise the militia against the people. Never mind the grandstanding about economy and what note. Fact is, no one in zanu pf has capacity or even political will to work for the general good. We just need a weak candidate that our fragmented opposition can easily beat by a wide – wide margin in an election & make it very difficult for zanu pf to rig elections as they always do. That is the key thing – not that ED is sober, Grace is insane, bula, bula, bula…. That is immaterial to Zimbos, the thing for Zimbos which zanu pf candidate presents bigger opportunities for democratic forces to send zanu pf to the dustbins of history? I say, its Dis-Grace.