Zim mopane worms for Europe 

Source: Zim mopane worms for Europe | The Herald 26 FEB, 2020

Zim mopane worms for Europe

Zimbabwe has potential to earn significant revenue from exports of mopane worms to Europe where  they are highly sought after, an official has said.

The country’s trade promotion body, ZimTrade has since commissioned  studies into what was required for exporters to penetrate the lucrative  European market.

Mopane worms, known locally as macimbi or madora, are rich in various  nutrients, according to food experts.

Some even argue that the nutrient levels in the worms are three times  higher than that in beef. The caterpillars feed primarily on mopane tree leaves but also on other tree species.

When harvested and dried, mopane worms can be eaten raw as a crisp
snack or alternatively can be soaked to re-hydrate and then deep fried until crunchy.

ZimTrade chief executive, Mr Allan Majuru said mopane worms’ potential  export is one low hanging fruit Zimbabwe could easily exploit quickly and without much investment to diversify exports.

“There are things where we have a comparative advantage but are not making use of — macimbi (mopane worms), in Europe (it) has become a hit  as one of the highest sources of protein,” he said.

“We are in the process of establishing and understanding the rules and regulations in order for us to export macimbi to Europe because they  are highly sought after as a source of protein.”

Mr Majuru said Japan, from initial indications, was a potential export market for the product.

Currently, Zambia was exporting mopane worms to Europe, he said.

Market surveys, he said, had indicated that baobab powder, Moringa  products, round nuts and agro-processed food were potentially  big foreign currency earners for the country.

Those wishing to export the products, he said, must first of all make contact with buyers and can be assisted by ZimTrade to ensure they  follow set production guidelines for their product to be accepted in  the target markets. -New Ziana.