Zim private medical practioneers join forces

Source: Zim private medical practioneers join forces – The Standard


The Medical and Dental Private Practitioners of Zimbabwe Association (MDPPZA), an inclusive body of medical practioneers in private practice, has spread its net wide by decentralising its operation coupled with a massive membership recruitment drive.

The association, the first of its kind in the country and registered in July last year, has in the past two and a half months been on a massive mobilisation drive, reaching out to nurses, medical doctors, dental therapists, dentists and laboratory scientists, among others.

As of Friday, 250 medical health practioneers drawn from across the country had registered with the association.

In an interview with Standard Style, MDPPZA interim president Johannes Marisa said they seek to improve and advocate for the welfare of all practioneers registered in private practice regardless of one’s area of speciality.

“We want to speak with one voice as an inclusive body. We need each other and it’s prudent to air our grievances as one body,” said Marisa.

“We had been inactive since the inception of the association, but I am happy to say that through our networks we have managed to organise ourselves into this formidable association.

“Some members of the national interim committee are now mobilising and putting up provincial and district structures across the country. That task is almost 95% complete.”

Marisa said the association was putting final touches on its resolutions before the inaugural congress.

The association’s secretary-general Cletos Masiya said the congress will be held in August.

“According to the constitution of the trust, we are supposed to hold an inclusive congress 18 months from the date of inception. It will be an elective congress to elect an executive that will last for a term of three years,” Masiya said.

“This congress should be before the Zima [Zimbabwe Medical Association] congress. So, that should be in August.”

He said they were mulling over switching the congress venue from the traditional rendezvous such as Harare, Nyanga and Victoria Falls.

Masiya said MDPPZA is meant to help medical practitioners engage, collaborate and strengthen their resolve in bringing economic prosperity and collective negotiations as an association.

He said their association, which is now represented in every district in the country, was not competing with Zima, but augmenting efforts of all registered health bodies.