‘Zim ready to play its global role’

Source: ‘Zim ready to play its global role’ | The Herald

‘Zim ready to play its global role’
President Mnangagwa speaks to Acting Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Malawian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Ms Annie Kumwenda (right), in the presence of Cuban Ambassador to Zimbabwe Carmelina Ramirez Rodriguez (second from right) and Acting Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Professor Amon Murwira after a belated New Year’s Greetings ceremony for heads of mission and international organisations accredited to Zimbabwe held virtually at State House in Harare yesterday

Zvamaida Murwira
Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe is ready to effectively play its part in regional and international bodies such as the United Nations, African Union (AU) and Sadc towards enhancing collective global and regional aspirations, President Mnangagwa has said.

He said Harare remained committed to honour international instruments and agreements entered into with stakeholders in business and cooperating partners and Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (BIPPAs) including ratifying and updating them and negotiating new ones.

President Mnangagwa said this yesterday at State House while addressing more than 100 heads of mission for countries and international organisations accredited to Zimbabwe during a belated New Year greetings address that was held virtually.

“Zimbabwe stands ready to effectively play its part at the United Nations, African Union and within Sadc, towards enhancing our collective global and regional aspirations. We thus look forward to working closely with all of your respective countries as we strengthen multilateralism, which is an effective and sustainable way of ending present global threats, such as terrorism and also achieving peace and prosperity for all,” said President Mnangagwa.

He implored the diplomats to continue facilitating trade and investment with Zimbabwe taking advantage of the operationalisation of the Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (ZIDA) which provides a one stop trade facility.

“We are keen to pursue with greater impetus the modernisation of our manufacturing sector capacity towards increased production, productivity and competitiveness. Investments in infrastructure development, renewable energy and tourism equally remain high on our priority list,” said President Mnangagwa.

In order to strengthen mutual and beneficial cooperation, President Mnangagwa Government launched the Development Cooperation Policy, which is expected to ensure the success of the National Development Strategy 1(NDS1).

“The policy defines operational structures and provides guidelines for the mobilisation and management of development cooperation in line with our engagement and re-engagement agenda,” said President Mnangagwa.

He said the Second Republic, which he is leading, is unwavering in defending constitutionalism, respect of rule of law and entrenching democracy in all its facets.

“Riding on my country’s wish to be a friend to all and an enemy of none, together with our re-invigorated economic diplomacy, we remain ready to deepen engagement with your respective countries for the mutual and collective good of our people and economics,” President Mnangagwa said.

He reiterated that Zimbabwe cherished exchange of knowledge in building responsible global citizens for greater peace and global cooperation. “In doing so, it is however always important to recognise the key principles of sovereign equality, territorial integrity and our respective national values and interests,” said President Mnangagwa.

He outlined what the Government has been doing in fighting Covi-19, measures which include procurement of vaccines whose rollout has since begun.

President Mnangagwa commended China, Russia and India for donating doses of vaccine.

“Zimbabwe is set to also receive other vaccine doses guaranteed under the Covax facility. These will go a long way in strengthening our response with regards to achieving herd immunity.”

The President took the opportunity to formally inform members of the diplomatic community of the appointment of Dr Fredrick Shava as Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, replacing Dr Sibusiso Moyo who died early this year due to Covid-19 induced ailment.

Speaking at the same occasion, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Professor Amon Murwira said Zimbabwe remained committed to further broaden and deepen its relations with the international community in line with its foreign policy thrust of good global citizens through engagement and re-engagement.

“Zimbabwe will continue to closely follow global trends of peace, developing cooperation despite challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, as a nation we will strive to consolidate the significant gains we have gained for the past two years. We will also double efforts in the engagement and re-engagement drive to ensure that we attain our national goals as enshrined in our National Development Strategy 1,” said Prof Murwira.

Acting Dean of Ambassadors and Malawian diplomat to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Annie Kumwenda commended President Mnangagwa’s administration for working tirelessly to improve the lives of Zimbabweans despite the Covid-19 induced national lockdown.

“It is noted that queues for fuel and food no longer exist. There are also improvements in the banking sector and supply of electricity, and of course Command Agriculture is yielding desired results. To have such improvements and others not mentioned here amidst Covid-19 lockdown is no mean achievement. This gives the diplomatic community confidence that your Government is on the right path to the Promised Land,” said Ambassador Kumwenda.

Some of the countries and organisations that were represented included the United States, European Union, Sahrawi Republic among others.


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    Zvakwana 1 year ago

    What a joke its embarrasing.So Munangagwa wants his cake and eat it aswell.He will try it but it must be time?

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    Ndebele 1 year ago

    In all seriousness – the world does not advice from a person who was part of a 20 000 genocide. The Hague is a better option for such people.

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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 1 year ago

    ZW will lead the world – in what? – corruption,bad governance,slothfullness,stealing, cheating at elections,rigging the official currency rate, potholes,no water at main hospitals and 21st century’s highest world inflation rate. ZW is a leader in a lot of things comrades. The circus must go on with ZANUPF being the highly paid clowns.