Zim, SA sign pact

Source: Zim, SA sign pact | The Herald October 26, 2019

Zim, SA sign pact
Ace Magashule

Thupeyo Muleya Beitbridge Bureau
Zimbabwe and South Africa yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate and up the tempo in the fight to have sanctions imposed on Harare by the West lifted unconditionally. Zanu-PF Secretary for Administration Dr Obert Mpofu signed the MoU on behalf of Zimbabwe, while ANC secretary-general Cde Ace Magashule signed on behalf of South Africa.

Zimbabwe’s Consul-General to South Africa, Mr Chengetai Murahwa, received the document on behalf of the Government of Zimbabwe at a function held at Beitbridge Border Post.

Presenting the MoU, Cde Magashule said: “The African National Congress together with Zanu-PF and the rest of the progressive community notes continuing, yet unjustified sanctions against the people of Zimbabwe by Western countries.

“We note and agree that in the last few years, Zimbabwe as a country, including the political leadership of the country have made visible and admirable strides in setting the country on a road for reconciliation, reform, democratisation and transformation.

“It is apparent that this progress in this regard is undermined by a neo-liberal agenda that manifests itself everywhere in the Third World and developing countries.” Cde Magashule said sanctions have impoverished ordinary people.

The sanctions, he said, have also deprived Zimbabweans of hope of a better life, and have since displaced families.

The repressive measures have undermined the socio-economic integration of the sub-continent and reinforced the colonial mentality of divisions and separate existence of Africans.

“We also note with great concern that the imposition of the sanctions has been extended to individual leaders and economic goods from specific countries with the aim of further condemnation and isolation,” said Cde Magashule.

“We state here that African people, particularly in Southern Africa, are one, they have a common historical and social origin.

“The liberation movements in Africa stood side-by-side in the onslaught against colonial occupation and domination. These liberation movements dismantled the enemy and all its features to ensure liberation and independence of their countries,” said Cde Magashule.

He continued: “We herein call for the immediate lifting of sanctions against the people of Zimbabwe. We have gone through unbearable pain and suffering. We are keen to rebuild our economies and create habitable conditions for the prosperity of our countries and the future generation.” The ANC stalwart said all countries, shareholders of IMF, World Bank, European Union, and BRICS should contribute unconditionally to the economic development of Africans and their countries.


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    SA might well be advised to used a very long spoon when supping with the devil.

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    Flick 3 years ago

    “sanctions against the people of Zimbabwe by Western countries”. What planet are these so called leaders living on ? Any sanctions are aimed solely at corrupt individuals, and rightly so.

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      ace mukadota 3 years ago

      ZANUPF is an expert at changing a story in the international media comrades. Sadly the world knows ZW is a failed gangster state run by a bunch of politically connected warlords.
      ZW must understand it is out of step with international ways of behaviour & until it changes sanctions will remain on about 150 individuals