Zimbabwe demands Joe Biden lift ‘inhumane and illegal’ sanctions

Source: Zimbabwe demands Joe Biden lift ‘inhumane and illegal’ sanctions

Acting for the Zimbabwe Anti Sanction Movement, attorney Lesley Ramafhilo. Image: Supplied.

Acting for the Zimbabwe Anti Sanction Movement, attorney Lesley Ramafhilo. Image: Supplied.

The ZASM (Zimbabwe Anti Sanction Movement) has brought a case against United States President Joe Biden, his government and local and American financial service providers to declare the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the US as illegal and a crime against humanity.

The ZASM is calling for support from the global community to put pressure on the US and the United Kingdom to lift all sanctions.

The movement has set up a base in South Africa where they are engaging banks, big corporate and civil society to act on the “blatant disregard of human suffering imposed by sanctions of over 20 years ago”.

Acting for the ZASM, Attorney Lesley Ramafhilo said: “A 21 years old in Zimbabwe was not born when the sanctions that effect him or her were applied. The people of Zimbabwe still find it difficult to trade or to participate in the global economy. First the people of Zimbabwe fought colonialism, now they fight the sanctions, some of them imposed by the colonisers themselves. If Indeed President Biden stands for freedom and democracy, not withstanding the freedom of those who are darker than him in skin, he must assist to liberate Zimbabwe economically”.

In a statement on Friday, ZASM accused South Africa of applying western unilateral financial sanctions on Zimbabwe which ZASM says was to avoid penalties from the USA.

The Zimbabwean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement on its website, has bemoaned that the sanctions have disrupted regional trade, and caused the suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans.

On 28 October 2021 the United Nations Special Rapporteur submitted a report, which stated that the unilateral sanctions on Zimbabwe caused the suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans, was unlawful, and should be removed.

“Even after the reasons motivating economic sanctions have gone: President Mugabe has been replaced by President Mnangagwa; white farmers will be compensated for loss of property; Zimbabwe has been lauded for economic reforms by international investors; but the coercive sanctions have remained.

The recent economic sanctions on Russia can be an example of the unintended damage that sanctions cause. The price of oil has exceeded USD 110.00.

The increase in the cost of fuel will result in the increase on the cost of productivity, everything will become more expensive, at a time in the South African and regional economy has been ravaged by Covid 19.

While Russia is also a major wheat exporter 20% of global exports of which 70% goes to west Asia and Africa where the vast majority of the most vulnerable people live.

The removal of Russian banks from the SWIFT payment system, in an interconnected world, in reality is a form of economic sanctions on everyone on the planet, not just Russia. The vast majority of the unintended victims of these sanctions will be the developing countries who have nothing to do with the political impasse in Eastern Europe.

Similarly, the unintended victims of the current sanctions program on Zimbabwe are vulnerable, mostly a young population, punished for historic political decisions, which took place two decades ago “ continued the statement.

The American Embassy had not yet responded to questions about the sanction on Zimbabwe at the time of print.

The Star has contacted the United States Foreign office for comment but was redirected to the Embassy.

This is a developing story.


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    Mukanya 2 years ago

    A bunch of miscreants shouting on full bellies….

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    MILES R ANDERSON 2 years ago

    As soon as Zanu PF lift their oppression of the opposition I’m sure they will!