Zimbabwe: ex police chief Chihuri charged with kidnapping

Wife of Harare businessman Bigboy Pachirera, Marygold, yesterday laid criminal charges of  kidnapping and robbery against former police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri at Marlborough Police Station under RRB 3448723.

Marygold is alleging that she was kidnapped by police officers – Nemaisa, Nxumalo and Jachi – who sexually harassed and threatened her to disclose the whereabouts of a Jeep Cherokee and Mercedez Benz belonging to her husband.

The vehicles were reportedly registered in Marygold’s name and her daughter.  Chihuri is fighting a $3 million lawsuit from the businessman for allegedly forcibly taking his luxurious vehicles and properties.

It is believed that during the ordeal, Nemaisa summoned Marygold’s lawyer Mr Rungano Mahuni to CID Morris Depot, where the businessman’s wife was still in police custody.

Mr Mahuni was ordered to cooperate with the gun-toting police officers or risk being hurt.

The serious allegations against Chihuri and the police officers are contained in a recent letter written by Mr Mahuni – on behalf of the businessman – to Chihuri.

“I managed to contact Deputy Commissioner-General (Josephine) Shambare and we  were called at Police General Headquarters,” he alleged. “I was told that the matter was serious because it involved the “boss” and that we should comply with every directive for our safety.

“We went to Kambanje where they took the Jeep and Mercedes Benz, which was kept at a friend’s house.”

Mr Mahuni dismissed the assertion that Pachirera voluntarily gave up his Highfield property to Chihuri as “compensation for stealing from him”.

He said the letter was contrived by senior police officers. In fact, Mr Mahuni said in the letter that Senior Assistant Commissioner Godfrey Munyonga instructed CID Serious Fraud Section police officers to dictate a letter to “mend” the broken relationship.

“Mr Manyonga was your point man and was instrumental in the execution of the criminal acts,” he said. “My client denies all allegations levelled against him as malicious.

“In fact, my client made it clear that he was unwilling to surrender his property to Chihuri. In regards to the Highfield house, the preamble states that my client owed $20 000. What happened to the balance of the house, which was worth $50 000? Your office prepared the agreement of sale without the input of my client.” Herald – Source: https://www.zimeye.net/chihuri-arrest-fresh-kidnapping-charges-slapped-on-ex-police-boss/



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    Charebwa 3 years ago

    Mhhh zvakaoma

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    Ndonga 3 years ago

    Incredible to hear of such blatant criminality on the part of a national police commissioner!

    But equally incredible, is that our Police, who were once recognised as professionals, could have been given someone of Chihuri’s poor character to lead them.

    And it did not take Chihuri long to infect, and effectively ruin, his fellow police officers with his own criminal nature, by sucking them into his criminal enterprises.

    In this case it is hard to imagine any policeman quite so stupid as this Nemaisa. First of all he summoned Marygold Pachirera’s lawyer, Rugano Mahuni after he had arrested Marygold, and allegedly sexually molested her. Then he proceeds to intimidate Mahuni so that Mahuni was forced to seek help from Deputy Commissioner General Josephine Shambare. This lady, in all her wisdom, then tells this poor lawyer, and Marygold, to co-operate as the case involves “The Boss”…and that such co-operation was for their own safety.

    It’s just like a scene from a low budget Mafia movie…but what an interesting and amusing court case it will be to follow…

    Of course Police Commissioner Chihure was only copying what he saw his boss Mugabe doing very day for many years…and getting away scot free every time…well until that glorious day for Zimbabwe…Tuesday the 21 November 2017.

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    harper 3 years ago

    The rot began when ZANU infiltrated the police with their untrained idiot party faithfull. Chihuri was in contempt of the law on his very first day as Acting Commissioner in 1986. He deleted the pro lege, pro patria elements from the proud police motto. I was in solitary confinement at Marimba Police Station when a very senior incompetent inspected the station and ordered the staff not to allow me any water. I am eternally grateful to the station labourer and his hosepipe.