Zimbabwe Freedom Charter – a Diaspora Alternative

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By Andrew Manyevere

No doubt the Zimbabwe situation politically from the inside, appears insurmountable from the context of Zanu ruthlessness on common people in the rural areas and the country facing an endless jobless condition for the youth in future. The Zanu strategy to recruit and offer the youth jobless militia jobs as reserved policemen, in order to harass peasants and watch over their activities daily, makes a false sense of employment creation among the hopeless high school graduates.  The false gimmicks to paint success in employment creation only drains government fiscus that is already overdrawn.  Bear in mind that from time immemorial, there is no country that was liberated by international pressure only save as the citizens of those countries exercised their rights to demonstrate against a regime that its time has ended.

Needless to overdramatize the armed struggle and its costly learning curve that translated into constitutional negotiations opening floodgates for independence. There obviously is a new approach to revolution and it rests in the resilience and resolve with which individuals are prepared to think outside the box and show differences between experience and substandard approach to matters of opposing a regime that is stuck to principles of force of violence as though the only way to overcome political opposition.

Reliance on violence as the only institutional gate of remaining in power is failure to think and act strategically yielding answers dismantling Zanu legally and constitutionally. Our major resource should and is the Diaspora. We have to purpose to work against being corrupted by Zanu. Lessons should instill this sense of urgency that there is no winning when we fight over the allocation of an elephant`s meat before the elephant is shot down, dead and skinned.

This is what I learnt: Understanding intelligence as the strategy of studying circumstances, based on analysis of situations, events, output efforts from failure scenario to leverage a chemical fulcrum from unskimmed patriotism and win over nepotism of divisiveness and corruption. Prior, Zanu has kept Zimbabweans circulating into their ground, amateurishly bouncing left, right and center only to be thrown back into the community completely discredited. The educated have been the worst group to ingratiate with Zanu, working as in-between the common people and Zanu exploitative and corrupt machinery. There is urgency for the need to plant new seed that looks at the world to pick alternatives on the Positive of the Possible (PP).

Modern era no longer accepts none innovative approach on matters of survival. Our world has technology, and technology is what Zanu pays expensively for to acquire so as to sabotage of any meaningful organization planning dislodging them. Military intelligence will observe that in states suffering from political corruption and decay as Zimbabwe, only ten percent of the army are fully initiated to preserve corruption and share in the rot. Equally it often takes only a handful of underdog soldiers to upset the system, but then out of fear stay holding on to power, creating the under development of democratic processes. These are news censorship, extreme personal surveillance, punishment of any opposing views and banishment of political opposition. Within the mediocrity of tyrant attempting to thrive, the Diaspora should and ought to fight a war of intelligence to empower ourselves for recovery of our country and rights to vote transparently against dictatorship.

Otherwise leadership vacuum becomes inevitable and creates a big political liability that reverses democratic achievement against respecting leadership by ballot box to military style leadership based on election manipulation. Change is often staged on the basis of the strength underdogs bring in collaboration with the intelligentsia and the masses that normally have nothing to lose but freedom to gain. Intelligentsia, though, need to be self-actualized personalities who tell the difference between emancipators against ingratiation caused from bribery and corruption than on self-awareness seeking the loosening of oppressive chains.

Military armies on the continent of Africa have historically owed total allegiances to who and where they trained irrespective of the human-political philosophy of the country or regime. When listening without prejudice to either Josiah Tongongara or Lookout, Masuku one was grasped with a sense of mission from the spirit of sincerity that came from the school of hard knocks; where reality and fiction separated committed strategic thought process from the mimicry by revolutionary wannabes. The struggle and its bitter length, historically, eliminated wastage and sometimes individual cheated and come through only to be discovered at the frontline ruining the otherwise monumental gains of liberation process.

Revolutions that were begun often languished into failure in the hands of paper tigers whose revolutionary mimicry performs above the original authors` narrations in the execution of struggles. There are countries on the continent that watched military coup after another only as a drive for vanity and equally driven, sometimes, by greedy nations with agendas of avarice contrary to human rights and freedom. The desire to be rich and the ambition to be at the top has, compromised good leadership against tyrants.

We are reminded that true national heroes like in the case of America, Abraham Lincoln`s failure to enter into congress and senate on numerous occasions sharped his personality against oppression coming up with a powerful statement on human right “all men are created equal. “ Our strength as a people, as Zimbabwe Diaspora comes from the faith in working a plan that defeats the hopelessness with which overcoming Zanu renders itself as an impossible task today. Fraud needs overcoming to correct and institute correct frame of governance.

Driving of themes that dismantle dictatorships often rests on the resolve of a people from the full knowledge that no one person controls human behavior except by offering incentives that restore freedom and individual recognition on personal achievements. Avarice only succeeds from the greedy of a few who subdue others to a mercilessness of control and treat them as possession and items of leisure. Statistics of Zimbabweans running into South Africa for protection after so-called 31 July 2013 elections illustrates the hard facts of how ungovernable Zimbabwe remains under Zanu-Mugabe government.

No government wins a popular election and yet continue to witness people running out of the country for safety and protection instead of celebrating. No victory is celebrated when Zanu hooligans nicodemously visit common peasants with brutal reprisals from midnight till early hours of the dawn, each day after 31 July 2013 election for having voted for a losing party-MDC. No government that condemns everything criticizing it as a result of foreign powers survive except she is an enemy of the people under cover. Zanu is an enemy of the people of Zimbabwe. It is a puppet of none democratic forces whose violation of people rights are in a worst state than Hitler`s massacre of other tribes. It is for this reason that either military coup or change of government has not taken place in Zimbabwe.  Regimes often survive from their craftiness of overriding the masses than in collaboration.

Today technology is fast growing, people through social media can, if clarity of purpose and oneness of mind is attained, wittingly out win tyrants. Diplomatic offensive keeps building a haven against regimes that act against their citizens. Zanu and Mugabe have to cease being a mistake that should be blamed on all of us for ignoring while they remain abusive of our brothers, sisters and children. Our thinking ought to outgrow Zanu`s criminal mind. Our courage needs backing from our intellectual courage and commitment to the future free from oppression. We can act and win beyond and above Zanu threats and actions of terror on our person and character. Internally Zimbabweans are waiting for a signal of support and collaboration. Zimbabwe freedom charter is a Diaspora alternative based on intellectual war for and to win democracy.

No success can come without a theoretical framework to guide action on resistance against people empowerment in Zimbabwe. There is open harassment, and cruel treatment of citizens tantamount to crimes on humanity perpetrated by a government that understand little on human rights and election.


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    Rejoice Ngwenya 9 years ago

    Amazing analysis: “Zanu is an enemy of the people of Zimbabwe. It is a puppet of none democratic forces whose violation of people rights are in a worst state than Hitler`s massacre of other tribes.”

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    Pulsey 9 years ago

    Thus a good analysis that indeed brings nothing to the suffering majority people of Zimbabwe. When shall we start thinking outside the box? When shall we come to know that no election will remove ZANU PF from power? They have said it and have done it not once and will continue doing it come 2018. What is needed right now is a revolution and nothing else. We can not continue being harrased by a few old man and women in their 60s. It is high time to fight and be countered than wasting time talking and talking. We need man to come out and I am one of them prepared to take the bull by its horns.