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via Zimbabwe needs an exit strategy from self-imposed catastrophe November 20, 2013

Following revelation of part of its interim leadership, Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE), has been inundated with enquiries, comments, suggestions as well as isolated criticism from across the globe.

Back home, doom and gloom get worse with each passing day. Nevertheless, Zimbabweans being Zimbabweans, remain unwavering in their desperate quest for self-determination, desire for genuine freedom, hunger and thirst for economic prosperity. Not many Africans have the kind of resolve that we do.

While ZANU PF appears terribly overwhelmed by its “triumphant” victory following July 31, MDC is visibly shell-shocked and disoriented. Consequently, the insignificant formation now virtually led by the duo of Welshman Ncube and Priscilla-Misiharaibwi-Mushonga is literally disintegrating. On the other hand, the bigger formation seems vacillating between blundering and indecisiveness. Some people are beginning to ask, rightly so, “where is Plan A, B, C or D that we once heard about?” Dusting of resumes’ cannot be one of the plans. Some may revert to their lucrative careers but what about the people and those that suffered or died for change?

Contradicting statements following Ian Kay’s utterances are just a microcosm. Threatening Roy Bennett or like-minded cadres with expulsion represents another forlorn dimension of the unfolding drama. As if not to be outdone, Jonathan Moyo and George Charamba have just fired scud missiles at defenceless Rugare Gumbo. This was before the avenging spirit of Didymus Muatsa fiercely came to his aid. It sounds like a movie or an excerpt from Charles Dickens!

In the melee, the natural question to ask is “isn’t it time to explore serious options elsewhere?” ZUNDE believes that nothing short of sombre introspection, honest self-appraisal and strategic re-alignment will move the country forward by an inch. Expecting ZANU PF to admit that they are in a cul-de-sac is worse than expecting diesel from a rock. Ominously, the MDC appears to think that this is just another nightmare that will come to pass. The entire nation cannot have this horrific dream for nearly four long months now. This is reality!

For a very long time, the Zimbabwe Diaspora has either been looked down upon or viewed with suspicion, unfortunately, by both sides of politics. Some only remember these hardworking sons and daughters when their pockets are dry or when there is a death in the family. Others have branded them “desktop activists”, “cowards” or “opportunists”. Warnings from the Diaspora against counting chickens before they hatch, were discounted with “we know the capacity of our chickens”. Some were beginning to share a live animal still wandering in the jungle.

Given the dire situation that our nation now finds itself in, there is no better time for a strong partnership between the Diaspora and progressive Zimbabweans at home.  The only option is to re-strategise, re-align, re-package and relaunch the pro-democracy movement if we are to expect different results from previous efforts. ZUNDE exists precisely for that.

The abundance of confusion, suspicion and wide fissures within the rank and file of ZANU PF as well as the piercing discord within the MDC, paint a very bleak future for our potentially great nation. Zimbabwe needs pragmatic, unsophisticated but results-oriented minds. It is on these basic principles and tenets that ordinary citizens like Strive Masiyiwa have risen to become giants. We cannot expect miracles from a country that is now virtually on auto-pilot whilst the supposed drivers are fighting with passengers.

There is need for a new direction that rallies the stunned masses in their numbers and totality, to refocus on the original objective of bringing about meaningful change to our nation. Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE) presents an emergency exit from this self-imposed catastrophe. As Benjamin Paradza rightly observed, “We can’t expect great change from great people because they are in short supply”

Come; let us build Team Zimbabwe with the progressive Team ZUNDE.

Moses Chamboko is the Interim Secretary General for ZUNDE. You can contact us at info@zunde.org or visit us at www.zunde.org.



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    Diego Zhaba 10 years ago

    The proliferation and mushrooming of these political entities is never in a lifetime going to bring the change the people in Zimbabwe desperately need.
    People have always been lured by new brands that are in themselves pursuing personal glory than the mandate to extricate the people from the political and economic quagmire they face. MDC (Welshman), Kusile (Simba),ZAPU (revival – Dabengwa) have all come with virtually nothing but to bring confusion among the electorate and still claim to bring glory and the triumphant entry into a real Zimbabwe of peace and economic prosperity.

    Such mindsets are far from the real politics in Zimbabwe with very little if any interface with grass-roots politics where ZANU has massive power of manipulation, where polarisation is heavily entrenched in all structures.
    I do appreciate activism at macro level is critical in catalysing change and influencing the political parties to embrace new ideas. The armed struggle itself was never won by technocrats alone but by massive involvement of the grass-roots. That’s where the battles where fought and the uptake of the armed struggle philosophy was so vivid and pragmatic through collaboration of the masses and the freedom fighters. Essentially,we need to influence change within the political parties and institutions that seem more poised to stand the current battles.
    While I admit MDC-T could have done better as they lost the plot,the question is; who currently is in a better position to stand the fight with ZANU? A new political party, a new leader in the opposition – MDCs, ZUNDE, ZAPU, KUSILE? etc. Where then do we need to put our energies? Fighting the cause in our small way as separate entities or combine forces and collaboratively work for a common cause?

    We need to think through our decisions unless we hope to bring the change in 100 years to come. My thoughts and opinion.

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    Africanson 10 years ago

    Comon zunde, zanu and mdc have failed us. We are being promised death from the economy everyday. We want a promise of life not death.

  • comment-avatar
    ZUNDE 10 years ago

    Diego, you got it ALL wrong. ZUNDE is not a political party but a macro movement whose intention is to rally well-meaning pro-democracy movements and tackle the crisis collectively. Hope this helps.

  • comment-avatar
    Joe Smith 10 years ago

    MDC is now an extension of ZANU PF. In Diaspora, we have resuscitated the dead Zimbabwe economy for way too long. Its time we take charge. We helped MDC from diaspora and what did they do after the GNU, forget and rubbish us. This is the time for some fresh air. Go ZUNDE, pamberi nemi.

  • comment-avatar
    Zindoga 10 years ago

    The Chinese have been paid to bring down ZUNDE website, why not use that money to clean water & collect rubbish from the streets of Hre? ZUNDE will be back soon.

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    Boss MyAss 10 years ago


  • comment-avatar
    Tsuro 10 years ago

    Zunde is a good idea but the axe cutie can’t all fro newzealad. Be inclusive and let’s have branches in Australia as well

  • comment-avatar
    Zviripachena 10 years ago

    Sounds the same dish with a different label. A dish which was called CHANGE which has not changed and will never change anything. Same language, same tone same players. Anything to offer ?? Give us a break !