Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library Trust New Zealand in Crowd fundraising Drive to ship books to Zimbabwe

Source: Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library Trust New Zealand in Crowd fundraising Drive to ship books to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library Trust New Zealand is in a crowdfunding drive to raise money to ship educational material to help reduce zero pass rate.

Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library Trust New Zealand (ZRSLT NZ) has launched a crowdfunding appeal to raise NZ$11,000.00 to ship a container of books to Zimbabwe to help improve the pass rate in rural schools. This will be the third time the Trust will be sending books to Zimbabwe from New Zealand, and is inspired by the zero pass rate that has been witnessed mostly in rural schools in the past few years.

In a message of appeal to would-be sponsors, The ZRSLT NZ’s Fundraising Coordinator Prisca Gonzo said a number of rural schools, particularly those in remote areas. have for years been recording zero pass rates in public examinations. Lack of reading material was identified as a major cause. The ZRSLT NZ has been playing a part in redressing the situation by mobilising learning materials from New Zealand and supplying rural schools. Schools which received learning materials have recorded improved results. The ZRSLT NZ has raised NZ$11,000.00, and needs to raise another NZ$11,000.00 to send a shipment of learning material for distribution to rural schools that have not received resources from the charitable trust before.

“As we head towards Christmas, we appeal to those who are inspired by the thought of rescuing children from underprivileged remote rural schools that have been recording zero passes in grade seven and ordinary level examinations due to shortage of learning resources. Every Dollar towards this worthy cause counts”, said Gonzo

The ZRSLT NZ is registered with the Charities Services in New Zealand and has a memorandum of understanding with the Zimbabwe-based Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library Initiative (ZRSLI), a Private Voluntary Organisation which distributes resources to deserving rural schools in Zimbabwe. Apart from the books received from New Zealand, the ZRSLI has sourced books within Zimbabwe, and partnered with the Zambezi Book Project, and distributed thousands of books to deserving schools. The ZRSLT NZ has also provided money for the purchase of books from the Zimbabwe Publishing House to ensure that children could also access local content. One hundred schools from the country’s 10 provinces have benefited from the efforts of the ZRSLT NZ and the ZRSLI.

Here is the link to the ZRSLT NZ’s Give-A-Little page through which donations can be made  Help us reduce zero pass rate in Zimbabwe’s rural schools and create a meaningful future for the affected children. – Givealittle