Zimbabweans, as individuals, must invest in change

via Zimbabweans, as individuals, must invest in change | SW Radio Africa by Tanonoka Joseph Whande Monday 21 October 2013

Zimbabwe’s elections have faded into the far distance. It is now time for those elected to perform and to expend of the duties expected of them.

I honestly ache to believe that our Members of Parliament are aware of the importance of their imperatives, particularly that Parliament, along with the Executive and the Judiciary, is one third of the trinity that forms the three pillars of our government.

Their responsibilities can really never be over-emphasized. All of them must understand that not only are they responsible for mapping the right path for the nation but also that their role determines Zimbabwe’s respect and position among the community of nations worldwide.

Yes, our nation expects the best out of them all.

The Executive.

The Legislature.

The Judiciary.

For proper balance, such as we appreciate on a three-legged pot, each part needs the other two to stand. These three have no choice but to work together for national benefit.

But I am a very subdued man because these three, which should be born out of a process in which people and accepted procedures are followed, seem to have come through some other means.

The Executive is heavily tainted because there are legitimate concerns as to how Robert Mugabe ended up winning the presidency in several elections but particularly the last one in July.

In his 34 years in power, Mugabe has shown that he is concerned about himself and a party that lets him have his way with the nation.

He has, time and again, shown his vindictiveness against fellow citizens, opposition party members whom he views as enemies.

Mugabe has had enough time to show that he is far from being patriotic but is a self-cantered egoistical dictator who gives not a hoot about the nation and its people.

He is president only to those who worship and adore him. He rewards those who blasphemously view him as a son of God in spite of the thousands of skeletons he littered across the country.

On the other hand, it is feared, and with good reason, that the Judiciary is filled by clowns handpicked by Mugabe without the full participation and recommendation of the legal society as should be the case.

In the end, it is generally accepted that the Judiciary was picked not necessarily for their professional acumen but rather for their allegiance to Mugabe and his party.

Serious-minded legal professionals were pushed and haunted out of their robes in favour of those who put Mugabe and ZANU-PF above the law.

In all honesty, our Judiciary is a joke…filled with legal clowns whose comedic exploits on the bench no circus can ever re-produce.

Time and time again, our citizens put their faith and trust in their hands as they seek fairness only for decisions to be made based on political affiliation.

So many times we have seen complainants being themselves arrested because they were suspected of belonging to other political parties outside ZANU-PF.

Their behaviour on the bench mocks the court system and they wouldn’t care less.

They were not hand-picked to be fair and unbiased.

Meanwhile in Parliament, our elected officials are hardly recognisable as the true representative of the people.

Parliament is hostile to the people.

If not thinking of themselves fighting to acquire top of the range vehicles, stands and cellphones, they are busy playing party politics, singing bootlickers’ songs at the expense of setting national agenda and policy.

Parliament is filled with blind followers of short-sighted party leaders who believe that allegiance to themselves is more important than serving the people.

There are no civil servants in our Executive, judiciary and parliament; they are all self-cantered, egoistical, greedy and under-performing dimwits who do not give a damn about Zimbabwe but adore Mugabe, Tsvangirai, ZANU-PF and the MDC but think little of the nation.

Their priorities are wrong, totally wrong and for that we, the people, will suffer till we lose consciousness.

Zimbabweans do not have anyone to turn to.

A president’s stepson and his mother grab mines when ministers appointed by Mugabe himself are busy trying to convince investors to invest in our country.

Thugs masquerading as war veterans invade a conservancy, killing our animals and destroying our tourism while ministers appointed by Mugabe himself are trying to promote our country as a tourist destination and while trying to conserve our flora and fauna.

We cannot turn to our president; he competes with fake war veterans to steal from the nation.

We cannot turn to our justices of the courts, they are too busy at farms they did not buy and shout ZANU-PF political slogans in their line of duty.

We cannot turn to our Members of Parliament, they have turned Parliament into a song contest gallery and are too busy demanding laptops and diplomatic passports from us.

Our police consider us enemies who have to be abused for seeking protection from them.

Our military exists to harass us and chase us away from our homes if we dare to raise a divergent voice.

We are a persecuted people. Persecuted by our own government, our own protectors.

And parliament sees it and says nothing, while the police look the other way.

Our judges must awaken to the fact that they are to dispense of justice and protect the weak from the bullies. They have a role to impose equality.

Our police and army must serve the people and not abuse them.

My point is that we cannot seek life from a murderer.

We cannot seek peace from a warmonger.

We cannot seek protection from an abuser.

As for Mugabe, he is beyond redemption and knows that if he so much as dares to leave State House, he will live either in jail or in a grave. He is using Zimbabwe as a shield against reprisals over the murders he committed.

Given the continuing, deplorable situation and the length of time it has run and given the lack of concern from those who ought to be protecting the people but are not, the heart of the matter is that Zimbabweans, as individuals, must dedicate themselves to bringing about change.

My point is that we cannot afford to continue putting our trust in political parties that we are not allowed to control, nor should we continue to extol party leaders who work against our interests.

Parliamentarians, as individuals, must understand their roles and serve the nation.

Change must come from the individual otherwise ours is going to be a perpetual existence in futility yet we can seize the initiative on our own.

ZANU-PF continues to steal from citizens.

The MDC, fresh from a drubbing at the polls, is gearing up to contest in yet another parliamentary by-election as if the complaints they raise daily about the proper holding of elections have been resolved.

What more evidence do we need that our political parties are infested by morons who have no idea about what the people want; half-baked legislators who do not know what to do even when they are told?

The change we so much cry for must come from us as individuals and we have more than 12 million individuals in Zimbabwe.

I am Tanonoka Joseph Whande and that, my fellow Zimbabweans, is the way it is today, Monday, October 21, 2013.


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    George Sebedebe 11 years ago

    Those calling for war do not have to try and mobilise others to go to war. They should just stand up and go to war themselves. Then, and only then will they see that one does not joke about war. They will see that real death befalls those that want war. I can assure the nation that whites are behind this and many such articles, calling for war, a war to be fought by Blacks against each other-with the whitemen watching the fighting from TV screens. I think what we have to do is take the war to the whites, to their door steps and fight the war in their living rooms, their bedrooms and in their bars, clubs and wherever they congregate. It is not such a good idea to always keep satan among ourselves and allow the satan to spill our children’s blood just so that the satan can make cherry pickings of our wealth whilst we are fighting each other. By ‘change’ this basterd is refering to the revival of the Rhodesian status-quo when whites used to oppress Zimbabweans and control and own all the means of production. Let these day dreamers dream for ever. Sixty percent of the whites who were ejected from the land they had stollen died of stress. With another 20 percent receiving daily diet of stressing news, I wonder how long it will be before these sons and daughters of satan are rid of us.

    • comment-avatar
      Nhamodzenyika Freedom 11 years ago

      what a load of verbal rubbish ,stop living in times before independance .

    • comment-avatar
      enda zvakanaka 11 years ago

      *yawn*…. can someone tell me when this fool has stopped spouting the same old garbage from 35 years ago please… Rhodesia blah blah blah….

    • comment-avatar
      MikeH 11 years ago

      And who was it who fed the country (and others in the region), built schools and clinics, provided full employment etc etc and finally handed the “Jewel of Africa”, a fully functioning country, on a platter to mugabe and the likes of you. YES! THE WHITE MAN.
      Today, 33 years later, Zimbabwe is an abomination which cannot be compared to Rhodesia. Get a life George (O! a white mans name) and stop being brainwashed by mugabe&co.

  • comment-avatar
    Sekuru Mapenga 11 years ago

    It is the full truth that you say, and it is a very sad truth.

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    Mashinga 11 years ago

    Are you speaking on behalf of all of us, us who voted for ZANU PF in mass, us who have totally different view to yours. Are you sure the change you seek is what the change the 12 million you refer to seek. How do you want to influence change without being part of the political space, or if you have better ideas and you believe you can influence change you talk about why dont you form your political party and we see how many will follow you wild ideas.

    • comment-avatar

      yes Mashinga, I must say that Zanu-PF did an excellent job of rigging this massed election. The few that voted for Zanu-PF were able to vote many times as they were bussed from polling station to polling station with ID’s of dead and invented people. No wonder ZEC are petrified to release th voters roll months after the rigged election. Yes you Zanu-PF thieves did a great job by fooling Tsvangirai and Ncube to fall for your trickery and their stupidity to take the people into that election without inspecting the voters roll.

      Mashingo, it’s what we do now that matters from now on and if I was you, I would be very worried.

      Do you honestly think you are going to get away with stealing that election?

      You would have to be a fool if you think the people of Zimbabwe are going to put up with another five years of looting and thuggery.

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    gorongoza 11 years ago

    Anyone normal would want change from massive unemployment, repression, one TV station, cholera, hunger, importation of maize from Zambia, kurarama netsubvu and chakata! If not, then you would be abnormal and not worth any consideration. If poverty is what you voted for, then you are doomed!

  • comment-avatar
    Mashinga 11 years ago

    Gorongoza, Do you think change will address the challenges, when the writer is saying all politicians are useless and untruthful. What we need is to address the source of the challenges, and disunity finds us on the weakest point when dealing with challenges, especially when dealing with the West. The more we want to see more change parties the more we develop backwards. United we face our challenges with force, even the corruption being cited, if we all say no with one voice and address the reasons why its not being addressed with one voice, not through change, situation will improve. But if you seek confrontation you meet resistance beyond your capacity, your personal economic situation will never improve your life time.

  • comment-avatar
    marasha 11 years ago

    mashinga are serious with your comment .even if you voted for zanu just meditate and see if there is anything they are doing to the people at large .have you been to hospitals, jails,do you a chid who have gratuted if so is he/she working?if you are benefiting as an individually what of the whole country.powercuts. poor sanitation even in towns its talk of the day in zimbabwe.if go back in the rhodesian regime all things were in order

  • comment-avatar
    todii zvazvo 11 years ago

    People voted for ZANU let them suffer the consiquencies, next elections maybe they will be wise to opt for change.Their wishes should be respected regardless of our differing opinions

  • comment-avatar

    George Sebedebe tell us why would e west or whites want to colonize Zim only? Who told u by changing gvt we are allowing recolonization? Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Senegal, Cotedevoire, Ghana etc have changed gvts several times bt not even was recolonized. Change is gud no matter e results it may bring cos we will change again until we get it right

  • comment-avatar
    Juntos Siempre 11 years ago

    The author is the biggest clown and is deluded. Zimbabwe will never go back to the dark days of Rhodesia. Your masters are interested not in Zimbabweans but its resources. Let Zimbabweans control its detsiny and enjoy its God given resources. Your vernomous words against Mugabe shows how twisted and bitter you are. Go home, dig potatoes and bury yourself.

  • comment-avatar
    Mashinga 11 years ago

    Those who want to speak on behalf of others should check their numbers. Elections are about numbers, democracy is about numbers. If you have brilliant ideas but lack the numbers then you should follow the majority, democracy dictates that you become part of the majority, otherwise you morn the rest of your life. Rural folks might not be as enlightened as you are, as educated as you are, as flashy as you inspire, but they have to exercise their rights without your influence and they are doing so regardless of you desires.

  • comment-avatar
    Mashinga 11 years ago

    Marasha how old were you during the Rhodesia era. If you were old enough I am sure you were one of the sell out (vatengesi)

    • comment-avatar
      enda zvakanaka 11 years ago

      another *yawn* one, who loves going on about “Rhodesia”…. 33 long years ago. When we going to get over this folks? And while you at it Mashinga, please tell me one success story in the last 33 years? Municipalities, state of the roads, water supply and upgrade, electricity (expansion, never mind supply), education, NRZ, Air Zim, food security, healthcare, pensions. Shall I go on?

  • comment-avatar
    msizeni silwelani 11 years ago

    Politics colonial-past has been about reward and revenge. Hence what obtains in Zim. We have rewarded militant individuals by substituting intelligence for militance. Displaced political dissenters while murdering the defenceless. We adopted clowning for bravery. Clowns whose theatricals can be matched at art theatre podiums. For lack of intellectual capacity to meet parliamentary demands, they believe in authority rather than responsibility and accountability. Such is our august house whande i concur.

  • comment-avatar
    Mashinga 11 years ago

    Zhou you continue to speak on behalf of the masses, where are the masses. If ever there will be a revolt I am sure you will not be part of the participants because you are not part of any association, if any you are part of a losing association. If I were you I would start looking for survival strategies within the given environment, you might even strike it reach with the youth fund from CABS, thats not ZANU PF.

  • comment-avatar
    msizeni silwelani 11 years ago

    Numbers inflated, nikuved, from the graved, from the illiterate in a nation renowned for its remarkable literacy levels, numbers count in over a million uncoerced voters in addition to hundreds of thousands disenfranchised constituentees.

  • comment-avatar

    Tell me why with so much money from diamonds it has not got into the fiscus and why its not put to development. It has of course gone to polticians back pockets. This is man made by ZANU PF and has nothing to do with whites. This balme game is ZANOIDS way of obscuring their open looting of the people s resources. Wake up Zimbabwe wake up

  • comment-avatar
    Jenandebvu 11 years ago

    Much ado about nothing. Another election coming soon, 2018

  • comment-avatar
    Jackson Magaya 11 years ago

    George Sebedebe and Juntos Siempre: How out of touch with reality you two seem to be. Tanonoka Whande never talked about going out to war. I dont understand why you have brought it out. On the the other hand, I think you are aware of the grave reality in the country and that this is a highly possible fodder for igniting a war. So I think you know the situation is really bad however there are strong indications that you are singing for your next meals.

    But even if Tanonoka was talking about going to armed war as you seem to be suggesting in your comments above, he would be right. If Zimbaweans decide that is the best route to solve the problems inflicted upon the country by zanu pf, they will be justified to take up arms against zanu pf. Zanu pf have thwarted all democratic routes Zimbabweans wanted to use to choose freely people who they are convinced will take the country forward. Your comments confirm the saying ‘The guilt are always afraid’

    You foolishly talk about some whiteman being behind what? Which whiteman has indicated that they want to colonize Zimbabwe?

    To confirm your foolishness, go through the comments posted in response to Tanonoka’s article. Your voices are a drop in the sea.

  • comment-avatar
    Mafuta 11 years ago

    Parties don’t steal elections so they can perform and to expend of the duties expected of them. Here’s the eternal problem: Zimbabweans don’t hate corruption, they just hate that others are benefiting from it and not themselves. But corruption qua corruptions, love it.