Zimbabwe’s economic crisis poses challenge to fighting Aids 

In Zimbabwe, a cash crisis has led to shortages of essential drugs and stocks and doctors worry that HIV patients unable to access their medicine consistently will develop drug-resistant strains.

Source: Zimbabwe’s economic crisis poses challenge to fighting Aids | Zimbabwe News | Al Jazeera

The economic crisis in Zimbabwe could undermine the progress that has been made in fighting the nation’s HIV epidemic.

Pharmacies and hospitals are not able to keep consistent stocks and, even when they do have the medicine, some will only accept payment in US dollars because the local currency loses value daily.

Doctors in Zimbabwe worry that if patients are unable to take or stop taking their medication, they will develop drug-resistant strains of HIV that are harder and even more expensive to treat.

On World Aids Day, Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa in Harare reports on Zimbabwe’s struggle with HIV.