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Zimra boss Gershem Pasi tackles MDC MP

via Zimra boss tackles MDC MP – DailyNews Live  5 MARCH 2014

Patrick Chinamasa and Zimra boss Gersham Pasi

Gershem Pasi, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) commissioner-general, has petitioned Parliament to charge Mbizo legislator Settlement Chikwinya — under its standing orders — for alleging he was earning $310 000 a month.

The development also comes as the tax agency and its boss have petitioned at least three local papers to stop repeating the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) member of parliament (MP)’s recent remarks or motion about his alleged sky-high pay.

“The integrity of Zimra and the fiscus at large has been compromised… by the false statement… attributed to Honourable Chikwinya… to the extent that this can have grievous consequences to the economy of Zimbabwe if nothing is done immediately to repair the damage,” Pasi’s lawyers Kantor & Immerman said in a letter to parliamentary speaker Jacob Mudenda yesterday.

“Already… Zimra staff(ers) are agitated and tax payers may stop paying taxes at a time when the country needs the money more than ever before. We also believe that the statement may have been made with the desire to cow and weaken our clients from exercising their statutory mandates,” they said.

While it was unfortunate that Chikwinya’s statements had come barely a month after Zimra had conducted a workshop for legislators — attended by the likes of Jessie Majome and Zanu PF’s Dexter Nduna, and where the issue of salaries was addressed — the MDC lawmaker’s information was wholly untrue and false.

In that regard, Pasi and company did not regard parliamentary privilege as a concept, which extended “to the making of reckless statements and in the hope that such declarations could be covered by those benefits”.

“We are instructed to write to you and make a formal complaint against Mr Chikwinya, MP, for peddling falsehoods,” KI said, adding they were also seeking audience with the former lawyer and advocate.

“Subject to any action taken by parliament under its standing orders, we have instructions to pursue this matter to its logical conclusion, including placing before the Constitutional Court, the competing issues of parliamentary privilege and the rights of individuals, and corporates to their good reputations and names…,” they added.

On Monday, the Zimra top-man and his organisation also sent a letter to the three national papers complaining about the possible abuse of parliamentary privilege in tackling national issues, including the so-called salary-gate scandal. The letter was also copied to the Kwekwe-based legislator.

In it, the lawyers said the tone of the articles not only suggested Pasi and Zimra were corrupt, but the revenue collection body’s affairs were shambolic.

Crucially, Kantor and Immerman had been instructed to pursue the “highly-defamatory” matter or assertions and to see whether Chikwinya’s privileges superseded other individuals’ privacy, and dignity rights in terms of the new constitution.



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    I cannot understand why he doesn’t just say how much he earns. After all he is being accused and he is a civil servant which means he is paid by the tax payer. After proving the allegations to be false to his employer, the tax payer then he can take action. Something smells here, and when something smells something is wrong.

    • comment-avatar
      Fallenz 4 years

      Doc, it does smell… and the smell is that of something rotten. All these guys should publish not only their income, but their assets, as well.

    • comment-avatar
      Gutu 4 years

      Thank you.Hopefully he also included in the letter his payslip to shame the MP. Pasi,people want to know how much you are giving yourself and the MP is simply speaking on their behalf. Stop harassing people who are doing their job and tell us what you get!

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 4 years

    How much do you earn Dushem Pasi? Answer this question then we can think about the red herring rubbish you are sprouting

  • comment-avatar
    tino 4 years

    Vana Geshom chingoburisai payslip dzenyu dze last 6 months modzipa parliament nyaya yobva yapera.Unotyei kutaura chokwadi? Haupiwi payslip here?kana usingapiwi then all companies must stop issueing payslip and stop remitting tax nokuti iwe Gershom unotaura zvausingaiti. Chinamasa walk away from liers .Let them face the public.Unosvika rini uchingochika zvibhakera zvembavha idzi?

    Pasi, tiitire mushe utipe PAYSLIP yako then tonyarara.

  • comment-avatar
    Joe 4 years

    Unbelievable the level of arrogance. It’s beyond understanding. It’s bloody criminal

    • comment-avatar
      Sonofngwazi 4 years

      He just doesn’t get it right.

  • comment-avatar
    Patriotic 4 years

    VanaPasi ndozvamunotorera zvinhu zvavanhu nhai? Munombohora marii nhai shefu?

  • comment-avatar
    ike 4 years

    Who doesn’t know that zimra officials are corrupt. Give us a dedicated toll free number to report such guys. Don’t give us the number manned by Zimra people. It’s only at the toll gates that corruption has been controlled.

  • comment-avatar
    Mukaronda 4 years

    Pasi can end all this drama by showing Chikwinya how much he earns, saving time and money he looted from Taxpayers. Legal threats and parliamentary manouvres will not alter the truth. His recent bribes to MPs ( allowing them free passage on tolls), is meant to mull them on his transgressions. A typical civil servant for a broke government cannot afford legal fees to pay K and I. Tax Collector show Chikwinya and its all over. Mbavha.

  • comment-avatar
    Roving Ambassador 4 years

    He is buying time . The are busy organizing back dated payslips. Zanu will have the last laugh.

  • comment-avatar

    Not logical that his salary is not in the public domain.

  • comment-avatar
    masvukupete 4 years

    It should be public knowledge how much he earns. And the tax payer has the right to know how their taxes are being used.

  • comment-avatar
    masvukupete 4 years

    Jealous Mawarire aripiko? If we send Jealous to the Con court he will get a ruling within 12 hours. Jealous has friends in high places I tell you.

  • comment-avatar
    NBS 4 years

    We will tackle the Zimra boss. zvakwana! How arrogant is he?

  • comment-avatar
    danger 4 years

    If it is with Happy and Cuthy why should it not be the hell with Pasi??? Is he that immune to be probed??? These parastatals are a real heck becoz of maladministration, incompetency and innefficienc y among incompetencies. When the former two were dismissed of their duties there were no lawyers now its Pasi he is engaging lawyers and is defeating the cause of justice. Pasi is not larger than the Parliamentarians who represent the masses and the general povo. A case in time, recently a permanent secretary failed to disclose the events taking place pertaining to a named parastatal upon being brought before the chair of a committee. Even big brother africa knows that all is not well at most parastatals. This is evidenced by the latest developments highlighted above. Those who earn obscene salaries must be put in jail so that they must have a feel kuti iro jeri rinorwadza sei, kurumwa netsikidzi kunorwadza sei sezvatakaita isu.Its better to be unpopular with famous decisions but to be popular with infamous decisions.Pasi ngarege kuzvidza dare coz no one is above the law. Dare pachezvaro harina kuti ndinoziva kana kuti ndinonzi Pasi.Pasi must not try to look too intelligent and tell the lawmakers what to do, what to say and howto say it. Pasi must face the music chete sezvakangoitawo vamwe. Dai ari mumwe akatosiya achito empower vamwewo. Kwete kuramba ungoripo panyanga usingaite empower vamwe. He must be a gentleman and face the music. Otherwise the sun could also be setting for Pasi, the time is up and the honeymoon is over.Kana ivo vaMoyo vanoti kudiiwo nazvo????? Haaite!!!!!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    munzwa 4 years

    i have a good mind to stop paying all Govt. obligations until his salary and benefits have been publicly audited.

  • comment-avatar
    CHINDUNDUMA 4 years

    DOSHerm Pasi just produce your payslips and put MP Chikwinya to shame. MP Chikwinya is just doing his job and does not deserve all this nonsense.

  • comment-avatar
    Chara 4 years

    Kuvhunduka chati kwatara hunge une katuruke

  • comment-avatar
    Chaporonga 4 years

    Ana Pasi. Nxa