ZimRights supports beleaguered Gokwe community

GOKWE-Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) has rescued some families in Gokwe in Midlands province, who have been facing a myriad of unimaginable hardships lately, owing to natural disasters such as a ravaging drought and heavy storms.

Recently, a series of heavy storms ravaged the area, leaving some homes destroyed and some displaced families. And just when the families thought things could not get any worse, their crops wiltedin the fields owing to lack of rains and leaving them without food or income sources. ZimRights employees, who travelled to Gokwe to assess the situation,noted that the once lush and fertile fields of Gokwe, were now dry and barren, a stark reminder of the devastation that had befallen this community. The crops that once provided sustenance for families had wilted away, leaving them struggling to feed themselves and their loved ones.

ZimRights conducted a rapid assessment to identify and prioritise vulnerable families based on a specific criteria such as identifying single-headed households, persons with disabilities, elderly individuals, and families with young children. After the evaluation, targeted assistance was provided to some identified vulnerable families, including financial support, shelter rehabilitation, and access to healthcare services.Families received food packages containing essential food items to meet immediate nutritional needs while hygiene and sanitation kits were also provided to ensure access to clean water, sanitation facilities, and promote good hygiene practices to prevent the outbreak of waterborne diseases.

Recipients of the ZimRights aid expressed gratitude for the assistance and urged the grassroots human rights organisation to continue helping the community. “The gloom and doom that hangs over Gokwe serves as a stark
reminder of the fragility of life and the unpredictable nature of Mother Nature. But through it all, the people of Gokwe remain resilient and hopeful, determined to overcome these challenges and rebuild their
community,” said a ZimRights official.