New Cabinet has potential: Gono

via New Cabinet has potential — Gono – DailyNews Live  STAFF WRITER  •  12 SEPTEMBER 2013 9:42AM

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono says the new cabinet announced by President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday has the capacity to carry the country forward.

Gono also hailed the appointment of former Justice minister, Patrick Chinamasa as the finance minister saying it was extremely reassuring that a new Cabinet had been installed and said the new finance boss will be equal to the task.

“Like everyone else in the country, we welcome the appointment and congratulate all those who have been honoured by His Excellency the president to occupy the frontline benches of service to our nation through the just-ended political processes,” Gono told the Daily News.

The new Cabinet takes office with an economic crisis in sight.

Under the inclusive government, Zimbabwe dug its way out of a crisis and has thrived.

The economy just posted its fourth consecutive growth; inflation is expected to be below five percent this year; and officials anticipate gross domestic product will surge.

Gono emphasised the need for teamwork in the new Cabinet team.

“A Cabinet is like a football team,” he said.

“It takes the whole team to win a match. Yes, there will always be individual flashes of  brilliance in any team but ultimately, what we now have is Team Zimbabwe Cabinet which should pull together in the same direction, putting aside sectarian interests in favour of national interests and cohesion, can make a positive difference in a very short space of time.

“Out there, people expect results like yesterday and no excuses.”

He added: “That being the case, one sees lots of potential in Team Cabinet Zimbabwe but potential alone is not enough. It is the translation of potential into specific energy and dexterity towards deliverables consistent with the said people’s expectations which matter most.”

The Cabinet  tasked with putting Zimbabwe back on track after the pro-business MDC’s ouster faces enormous challenges, from fixing the shattered economy to restoring democracy.

Some Zimbabweans who became disillusioned with the inclusive government  rule are willing to give it a chance.

“With less than a day in office, it is unfair and premature to prejudge  the team negatively,” Gono said.

“This is the best team available and they collectively and individually deserve everyone’s support.

“Of course every team needs time to assemble before starting to delight spectators with results — so as a nation we should allow this team time to settle down, set out its priorities and pronounce itself before taking pole positions in judgment.”



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