Zim: Highlights as seen by Israeli Diamond Industry

via Post-Election, Zimbabwe Cabinet Gets Reshuffle from Israeli Diamond Industry 15 September 2013

Obert Mpofu, the man who has been at the helm at Zimbabwe’s Mines and Mining Development Ministry for the last four and a half years, has been transferred to the Transport Communications and Infrastructure Development Ministry, Diamond Intelligence reports. In his stead, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has appointed Walter Chidhakwa, also a fellow member of his own ZANU-PF party, to guide the nation’s mining policy.

Having secured a larger percentage of the state legislature in recent national elections, Mugabe was also able to replace the man who served as the country’s key Finance Minister in the previous session of parliament, Tendai Biti of the rival Movement for Democratic Change party. Biti’s replacement is Patrick Chinamasa.

After the new government ministers were sworn in, Chidhakwa called for increased foreign investment in Zimbabwe’s mining sector, while Chinamasa spoke in favor of increasing the economic participation of indigenous Zimbabweans, according to Diamond Intelligence.


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    Dickie 10 years ago

    Typical……..the left hand knoweth not what the right is doing…….and the head……RGM…..isnt controlling either !!!!

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    Richola 10 years ago

    Walter was the GM at EPZ and he understands the value of FDI. We expect more sense from him than his colleugue at Finance. But this is the dilemna, isnt it?