’11 besieged white farmers must stay’

via ’11 besieged white farmers must stay’ – DailyNews Live Tendai Kamhungira, DEPUTY CHIEF WRITER • 29 November 2015

HARARE – Chief Chiweshe and Mashonaland Central Province war veterans have thrown their weight behind 11 commercial white farmers facing eviction from their properties.

Centenary white farmer Phillip Rankin, owner of Kingston Deverill Farm and his colleagues are living in fear after veterans of the 70s liberation struggle laid siege at their property. The stress of the siege is tormenting their families

Rankin, whose farm was delisted by the government in 2001, has been suffering constant threats from veterans he believes are being sent by UK-based Sylvester Nyatsuro, who reportedly has an interest in the property.

But Chief Chiweshe and war veterans are in full support of the white farmers.

In a letter seen by the Daily News on Sunday to the president of the Chief’s Council Fortune Charumbira, Chief Chiweshe said the 11 white farmers were fit to remain at their farms.

“May you, president of the Chief’s Council, be aware that I, Chief Chiweshe as the chief of the area have over the past years affirmed that the remaining white farmers have not had any problems with the government’s land reform programme and have worked with the ruling party and local leadership as well as with the community. Hence these individuals are also my subjects,” the letter reads.

“It is my humble submission that being the chief in the area, where the white farmers of whom local war veterans leadership and the community attest of a cordial relationship, bring to your attention with the view of lobbying for a procedural approach to this issue bedevilling my community and leadership.

“Once this is done, harmony will return to my area and development will take place for the good of the local economy and the country at large.”
Of late, the country’s remaining white farmers have joined Zanu PF to save their properties.

They are even gracing Zanu PF rallies, donning the party’s regalia and showering praises to the chief architect of the land reform programme, 91-year-old President Robert Mugabe.

Their safety has always been a cause for concern over the past years as they suffered intermittent threats, which put them at risk of losing their properties.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), through a letter written by one of its Mashonaland Central members only identified as B Nyemba, also supported the 11 white farmers’ continued stay at the farms, adding that they were living amicably with the community.

“The 11 white Zimbabwean farmers have lived with the local community in a harmonious manner for over 14 years since the start of the land reform programme,” Nyemba’s letter written on behalf of war veterans in Muzarabani District reads.

“We as local leadership of the war veterans in Muzarabani district do hereby write in support of the said farmers to be issued with offer letters so as to protect them from potential future threats of intimidation and extortion.”


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    bambazonke 5 years ago

    i wonder how much the WHITE farmers have paid for getting that recommendation from the chef
    seams they are working well with the pf!!!!!!!!!!

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    gordonzim 5 years ago

    Did it enter your mind to think that the local community incl the chief have seen that removing competent and effective farmers is ultimately detrimental to the region they all share..zim needs to move on and I salute the chief and other local community leaders for finally acknowledging the worth these remaining farmers bring to the district.. I have been privileged to have known one of the affected farmers in centenary for a number of years and I can testify that even after the hardship and stress he has been through, he still has kept his faith in humanity intact.He has always kept his chin up in the face of adversity. If only more people could show the patriotism and passion he has for this great nation we would ALL be living in paradise. Babazonke, please get to know the guys you paint with the same old broad brush before writing negative comments full of assumption . If you did,as I do, then you would have more respect.. thanks

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    IAN SMITH 5 years ago

    How does one Induna allow white skins(citizens) on the farms against Mugabe?????

    13000000 Zimbabweans turned a blind eye to injustice on the farmers(citizens) now 13000000 Zimbabweans open theirs eyes to hunger.

    This is so so messed up

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    Doris 5 years ago

    Helping the local community but NOT joining Zanupf, did eff all to stop a wealthy politician from grabbing our farm. Employing over a thousand locals every year did eff all to stop a wealthy politician from grabbing our farm. How many workers are left on our farm? 10. Are they paid correctly. No. But there again….there were farmers in our community who joined ZPF, and back handed liberally. Where are those farmers now? Left the country because NO MATTER how many times you backhand or keep “on sides”, no white Zimbabwean farmer can stop anyone from grabbing their farm.

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    The situation could change overnight!

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    what a thoroughly zimbabwean story.
    whether you can live and work and produce in peace here depends not on any law, but on who your friends are and who you can get to speak up on your behalf.
    a society that lives without the rule of law will in a short time fail.

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    C Frizell 5 years ago

    The “joining ZPF” makes me slightly sick, but I guess needs must?

    Of course the REAL farmers are best and slowly people are seeing that.