1k+ Zanu PF youths to become hunters

via 1k+ Zanu PF youths to become hunters – NewZimbabwe 05/11/2015

PRESIDENT Mugabe is unhappy that professional hunting remains in the hands of white people hence Zanu PF aims to train over 1000 youths in that area, politburo secretary for youth Pupurai Togarepi has said.

Togarepi said this to youths undergoing professional hunting training in Harare, Wednesday. He said the program will see some youths sent to Kenya for further training.

“President Mugabe bemoaned the fact that professional hunting remains in the hands of white people who are affluent. He said why don’t we go in, look after our animals and if we have to hunt them for financial resources, why don’t we do it as Zimbabweans.

“Many of the conservation activities that are done in Africa are sponsored from Europe and America. How can they tell us to conserve our animals and yet if you look closely they do not have animals except in the zoo,” said Togarepi.

“So, why don’t we trade ourselves and then professionally look after our animals and then productively get resources that can improve our economy ourselves.”

Togarepi claimed that white people who control the industry had priced most Zimbabweans out by pegging training at a staggering $30, 000.

“This is an empowerment drive, why can’t we empower the youths. This is the first stage and you will move through different stages.

“We hope as you get into this trade you are not going to be corrupt like those who connived with the white man from America (Lion Cecil killer Walter Palmer).

“We are not training criminals here; we are training contributors to our economy, so we expect that after this course, you should be principled, professional and informed about conservations of wildlife,” the Zanu PF youth leader said.

Thousands of Zanu PF activists are known to have invaded most of the country’s world acclaimed wild-life sanctuaries turning them into desolate jungles after hunting down almost all the animals.

Togarepi said youths should be grateful to Mugabe and must stay away from Zanu PF factional fights and succession wars.

“If anyone says follow my orders because I was appointed by the President don’t listen. Within our revolution, there are people who are there to destroy the revolution and if you are not careful you will miss the point by following the pretenders.

“As youths, don’t be involved in squabbles, it doesn’t bring a future for you. Never belong to anybody, you belong to the revolution, the revolution is led by one person and the person in charge of our revolution today is President Mugabe,” Togarepi said.

Senior Zanu PF leaders are locked in a bitter war for control of the former guerrilla movement as 91-year-old Mugabe nears his political sunset.

Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reportedly leading one faction of the ruling party against another of young hawks that includes political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo known as G40 (Generation 40).

The G40 are reportedly luring First Lady Grace to lead them.


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    Reverend 7 years ago

    You have got to be kidding me!

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    Doris 7 years ago

    The youth can and have the opportunity to take the same exams as any other person whatever their color. Pass the test and get the papers. Dear God don’t let untrained youth loose in the bush. That will be a total disaster.

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    Chidumbu 7 years ago

    the stringent exams which are there to protect the integrity and Professionalism of the industry and what your village idiot president hasn’t told you is how he spends all those nice $US with Disgrace on their shopping while you starve, with the power cuts and now this the light at the end of the tunnel is nearly out

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    well hello another 1000 poacher, or am I just being cynical?

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    Barry Groulx 7 years ago

    Hunting clients don’t get off the plane and go shopping for a professional hunter. They book sometimes years in advance with specific operators mostly at conventions overseas. They will follow their favourite operators and hunters, and if those operators are forced to go to Tanzania or CAR or Mozambique, then the clients will go with them. Just that simple.