2015 prospects: Aged Mugabe ‘a risk’

via 2015 prospects: Aged Mugabe ‘a risk’ 03 January 2015

LOCAL political and economic pundits have warned of a turbulent 2015 in the wake of the recurrent political gridlock within the ruling Zanu PF and the main opposition MDC-T with both parties concentrating on internal power wrangles which threaten to tear them apart.

In separate interviews with NewZimbabwe.com the analysts said without an event as dramatic as President Robert Mugabe’s retirement or passing, the country would remain in its current economic and political abyss, with the risk that the situation could even get worse.

The just ended 2014 was punctuated by a debilitating liquidity crunch, the closure of companies due to lack of capital with the majority poor population forced to eke out a living in the country’s teaming informal business spots.

Further still, a great many have crossed into neighbouring South Africa and Botswana to search for better opportunities.

Government’s economic blueprint, the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic. Transformation (Zim Asset) has been dismissed as a fallacy as its fruition is heavily dependent on scarce capital injection by a cash-strapped government.

Endless squabbling within the country’s two main political parties, Zanu PF and the MDC-T has destroyed any hopes, even among the optimistic, that the country may get back to its economic feet sooner rather than later.

Analysts say the cross-over into the new year spells nothing more than a routine replacement of calendars pinned against walls by citizens.

Harare based political analyst, Rashweat Mukundu said lack of a clear economic path to be chatted by the country and infighting within the ruling party would worsen the plight of citizens this year.

“There seem to be more appetite for continued internal power struggles in Zanu PF in preparation for the eventual take over from President Mugabe,” he said.

“We will continue to have a government that is not cohesive; we will continue to have inconsistencies in terms of economic policy; add that to the unwarranted focus on political power rather than the socio-economic issues that people are facing. We will continue to see
continued suffering.”

Christopher Mugaga, an economist with South African research house, Econometer Global Capital (EGC) predicted there seemed to be no constructive strategies as yet by the current Zanu PF government to improve the lives of ordinary citizens.


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    Julius Shoko 7 years ago

    When President Mugabe announced his new cabinet we where so excited by the drama , now that we have a new cabinet what is their mandate given the current challenge facing our country? I believe PR Mugabe should have given them a time based mandate for let’s say three months to prove their office worthy or face the axe none of this was said or mentioned and we keep quiet about it. This is our country we all need to participate ladies and gentlemen let’s tell these guys how things are done we voted for them as they say so they are duty bound to Lister to us let’s talk.

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    Endless rubbish by useless greedy looters.