4 in abortive bid to bomb Gushungo Dairy

via 4 in abortive bid to bomb Gushungo Dairy | The Herald January 26, 2016

Fungai Lupande Court Reporter
A fringe political party leader and three of his colleagues arrested while trying to petrol-bomb the First Family’s Alpha Omega Dairy farm in Mazowe appeared in court yesterday.

Zimbabwe People’s Front political party president Owen Kuchata (34) and Borman Ngwenya (30), Solomon Makumbe (29) and Silas Pfupa (37) appeared before Harare provincial magistrate Mr Vakayi Chikwekwe under heavy police guard.

They are being charged for possession of weaponry for sabotage and money laundering for terrorism purposes.

Mr Chikwekwe remanded the four to February 8 and advised them to apply for bail at the High Court.

The court heard that Ngwenya and Makumbe are attached to 1 Field Regiment and Zimbabwe Intelligence Corps, respectively.

The prosecutor Mr Michael Reza alleged that last Friday at around 4pm, police received a tip-off that the four were planning to bomb Alpha Omega Dairy’s processing plant and tuck shop during the night.

The dairy’s processing plant and tuck shop are located at Gushungo Dairy Estate, Jumbo Road in Mazowe.

Acting on the tip-off, the police proceeded to the farm and laid an ambush about 100 metres from the quartet’s target.

Around 10pm, the detectives saw the men approaching the dairy’s processing plant and immediately arrested them.

They searched them and recovered four Molotov cocktails (bombs) made of petrol, ammonium nitrate, nails and sand in 750 millilitres Chateau empty bottles.

They also recovered Zimbabwe People’s Front party manifesto, party constitution and documents relating to party activities.

The quartet reportedly held several meetings to acquire funding during preparations to carry out the banditry, terrorist and sabotage activities.

The quartet made voluntary indications to the police on Sunday.


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    Zvakwana 5 years ago

    There ain’t anything that anyone can do without ZPF knowing about it, there never has been and never will be.

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    Silly buggers what would that have achieved?

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      Dear MICHELLE, do u really c any truth in all this hogwash??

      Some of us who know MUGABE & ZANU PF well would take this with a large pinch of salt.

      Actually there are two most and equally likely scenarios here:
      1) the poor guys are just about to be sacrificed for one reason or another – most likely ZANU PF factional fights and/or some other corrupt deals amongst ZANU PF thieves of which they are part of, and have just gone sour; or
      2) the guys are simply ZANU PF “actors” who are assigned to eventually implicate some intended opposition target – Tsvangi, Joice, Madhuku, or any of those perceived zanu pf arch enemies.

      Otherwise do we really have this thing called “Zimbabwe People’s Front” in the country in practical terms??? So, why would a really political party introduce itself that way (I mean “the banditry way”); and why starting by targeting such a heavily guarded target anyway if they ever really wanted to engage in banditry??? Its all hogwash – no truth in this rubbish at all.

      Watch this space.

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    Phillip Kucherera 5 years ago

    Things are not ok now. Not at all.

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    Godfrey Chedenga 5 years ago

    I smell something here. This could be an intelligence setup intended to drum up the scare of terrorism, which could be used as a pretext to crack down on anyone perceived to be a threat to the ruling cabal. Why Gushungo Dairy, and not, for example, a police station, military establishment, etc.? To any sensible person, given the paranoia of our Dear Leader, Gushungo Dairy, is obviously a well-guarded establishment. And why, in the name of God, would people from a military background resort to a simple primitive weapon, like a Molotov cocktail?

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    Yayano 5 years ago

    This is a made up story by The Herald to draw sympathy to the Mugabes. Who is his right mind would target such a loss making and mismanaged diary?
    They cannot fool us anymore. The story will eventually disappear but in the meantime they will persecute some people for the next few years because of this.

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    Tinomunamataishe 5 years ago

    First it was some people burgling into Mnangagwa’s office. That time there were no actors.

    This time they got some four actors. But the stories never add up. How could they go to attack with their party manifesto etc. Why did they need a party manifesto? So many holes.

    The next episode will be something involving Mphoko. Let’s wait and see what they will concoct this time.

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    Holy Maduha Ncube 5 years ago

    This story stinks… It stinks to high haven. It is a fake. hahahahahahah ….Childishly fake.

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    Tiger Shona 5 years ago

    Without a doubt. Zanu PF work.

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    mandevu 5 years ago

    and they were in possession of money laundering……

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    machakachaka 5 years ago

    Are there people who are so dumb as to carry their party manifesto and other party documents on a bombing mission, where the victim is supposed to be the country’s president and leader of the governing party? It’s either a false accusation or, as I wrote, the culprits have coconuts in place of their heads.

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    No, I think this could be the first green shoots of meaningful resistance.

    Hopefully, the people are fed up