Africans use Twitter to change perceptions

via Africans use Twitter to change perceptions – The Zimbabwean 8 July 2015

There’s a stereotype of Africa in the West. War. Disease. Famine. It’s poverty porn. Emaciated, crying children with distended bellies surrounded by flies. Parents wading through massive piles of rubbish looking for things to sell.

Many people, and policy-makers, around the world stamp an entire continent – millions and millions and millions of people – with pity. Africa has become nothing but a byword for misery and hardship. But it shouldn’t be. That’s why a group of young Africans on Twitter have created the hashtag #TheAfricaTheMedia NeverShowsYou – a friendly reminder that yes, there is suffering in Africa, but there is also plenty of happiness, thriving, vibrant culture and natural beauty.