Ambassador Catriona Laing presents credentials

via Ambassador Catriona Laing presents credentials – News articles – GOV.UK 2 October 2014

The British Ambassador to Zimbabwe Catriona Laing presented her credentials to President Robert Mugabe at State House earlier today.

Ambassador Laing and President Mugabe discussed United Kingdom and Zimbabwe’s bilateral relations going forward among other issues.

Ambassador Laing said: “I had a constructive discussion with His Excellency President Robert Mugabe, where we agreed that we should look forward and try to move our relationship onto a more positive trajectory.

The UK remains committed to supporting the people of Zimbabwe achieve a more prosperous and democratic future, and believes it’s essential we’re able to have a mature dialogue to address issues of mutual interest and concern.

The UK is already undertaking important confidence building measures and if reciprocated on the Zimbabwe side, we hope we can continue to build our relationship. For example, we are strengthening business links and to show our commitment to this, the UK is sending a Trade Mission – our first in many years later this month to understand how UK skills and expertise in various sectors can support Zimbabwe’s future developmental and economic goals.”

Also on the economic front, Ambassador Laing welcomed the ZimAsset blue print, saying:

“UK and other international investors see opportunities in Zimbabwe but need reassurance that the rule of law prevails and that the environment is predictable. If there is progress on this, and the government is able to articulate this to investors, it will encourage more investment into Zimbabwe.”

Other important first steps that the UK has taken include: trebling the number of Chevening Scholarships to be awarded to Zimbabweans in the next academic year, fostering cultural and education links through the British Council, and the continuation of UK’s developmental support to Zimbabwe valued at $117 million being channelled through the Department for International Development (DFID) to reach millions of Zimbabweans, particularly women and children.

Ambassador Laing told President Mugabe that working in Zimbabwe was her dream job and looked forward to working and travelling widely to see the real Zimbabwe and meet people from all over the country.


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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    How could she possibly have had a “constructive discussion” with a senile old geriatric on the future????

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    Swagman 8 years ago

    Mugarbage probably told her that her
    Goverment was ‘evil’ and he pours
    ‘shame, shame, shame’ on them.

    He must have accused her filthy Colonial
    Government of ‘illegal sanctions’ and
    the ‘destruction of Zimbabwe’s poor’.

    Was she offered an English Tea, with Earl
    Grey, cucumber sandwiches and Marie biscuits?

    He probably then asked her to plead with
    her Government to lift his and Gucci Grace’s
    travel bans, so they could shop at Selfridge’s
    and Harrod’s again. Running out of potted pigeon!

    Mugarbage probably reminded her that her
    ‘evil’ Goverment had been the reason his Saville
    Row suits are now somewhat out of fashion
    and threadbare.

    Laing says this is her ‘dream job’, dream on
    girlfriend! This is a nightmare job!

    “Rule Brittania, Brittania Rules the Waves”.

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    Baba Jukwa's Tokolshe 8 years ago

    The Tokoloshe says actually…. “Britannia waives the rules.” And this time they dealing with Zanu baboons.

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    dubbozimbo 8 years ago

    Mugabe and constructive can not be used in the same sentence. Just not possible.

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    revenger avenger 8 years ago

    The gullibility naivety of Whitehall fco since 1965 is LEGENDARY. Wimps. They rigged the nikuv 1980 erections to foist their bogus ‘ freedom fighter ‘ and ‘liberation war hero ‘ upon the hapless people of a once thriving happy country . Cowardly UK foreign office. They did zero for British /zim dual passport holders – nil consular assistance e.g. a cowardly bunch. I despise British weak diplomacy-including kowtowing to the terrorist criminal robber mugarbage commander-in-thief