Ambassador seeks firm’s eviction from farm

via Ambassador seeks firm’s eviction from farm – NewsDay Zimbabwe January 26, 2016

Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Tanzania, Edzai Chimonyo, has approached the High Court seeking an eviction order against a firm, Matanuska (Pvt) Ltd, from his Fangudu Farm in Mutare.


In the summons filed under case number HC11599/15, Chimonyo cited Lands and Rural Development minister Douglas Mombeshora as the second respondent.

“This is an application for the eviction of the first defendant (Matanuska) and all those claiming occupation through it from Subdivision 1 of Lot 1 of Fangudu in Mutare in the District of Manicaland Province,” Chimonyo said in his particulars of claim.

Matanuska has since filed an appearance to defend notice and is geared to defend the ambassador’s eviction application when the matter kicks off.

Chimonyo said although the farm was originally owned by Matanuska, it was eventually gazetted by the government sometime in 2006 under the land reform programme and allocated to him.

“The farm was gazetted and on the July 17, 2006, plaintiff accepted an offer letter issued by the second defendant to hold, use and occupy Subdivision 1 of Lot 1 of Fangudu in Mutare in the District of Manicaland Province measuring 251,41 hectares in extent,” he said. “Despite this, the plaintiff’s use and occupation of Subdivision 1 of Fangudu Farm has been disturbed by the first defendant.”

Chimonyo further said Matanuska was currently occupying his farm without lawful authority and had refused to comply with his demand to vacate the property.

“The employees of the first defendant occupy the plaintiff’s farm compound, offices, pack-shed and other infrastructure on the plaintiff’s farm.

“Despite demand, first defendant has failed, neglected and/or refused to vacate plaintiff’s farm,” the retired general said, urging the court to grant the eviction order.


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    mandevu 5 years ago

    a direct result of ZPF’s disastrous land seizure policy. Dog eat dog – you all deserve it

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    Steal the stolen property…He who has the title deeds …OWNS THE PROPERTY…FOREVER..