Anti Corruption Commission dispute referred to Labour Court

via Anti Corruption Commission dispute referred to Labour Court 2 September 2014 by Charles Laiton

THE labour wrangle between the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) and its 26 employees who are demanding an improvement in their working conditions has been referred back to the Labour Court.

Zacc had appealed to the Supreme Court after the Labour Court ordered the anti-graft body to abide by the arbitrator’s ruling compelling it to pay the workers’ $1,5 million outstanding allowances.

In its appeal, Zacc further argued that contrary to the employees’ assertions that it had not consented to the arbitral award.

Addressing the judges of appeal Justices Vernanda Ziyambi, Susan Mavangira and Ben Hlatshwayo, Zacc’s lawyer Advocate Thabani Mpofu urged the court to refer the matter back to the Labour Court arguing it ought to be heard on merit.

“The parties were not in agreement and there was no consent between them. The matter must be reoffered to the Labour Court for it to deal with the aspect of the dispute,” Mpofu said.

The employees’ lawyer, Samuel Banda, concurred that the matter be referred back to the Labour Court.

At the height of the labour fight in March last year, the Labour Court granted an order for seizure of Zacc properties after labour arbitrator Rodgers Matsikidze ruled that each of the workers was entitled to various amounts ranging between $53 000 and $61 000.


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    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    Just disband this useless compromised discredited farcical corpse. Its so toothless we pin our hopes on good old fashioned Mob justice. Thank you for agreeing. I am very very intelligent

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    These good patriotic Zimbabweans also want something for nothing just like their leaders. Luckily they are suing a government as corrupt and bankrupt as they are and are unlikely to get much for their troubles. Besides the judges will do what ZANU tells them to.

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    kutongwa nonjazi 8 years ago

    Corruption! Kuwora in Shona or rotten in other words. Kuwora is always irreversible, sadly that is what we have in Zimbabwe

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    Even Vladimir Putin in Corrupt Russia said
    Those who fight corruption should be clean themselves.