Armed riot cops break activist group launch

Source: Armed riot cops break activist group launch – NewZimbabwe 17/06/2016

ARMED Harare police on Thursday afternoon broke the launch of a youths movement called Tajamuka and arrested four activists in the process.

Tajamuka is a coalition of pro-democracy youths challenging government to drop its plans to introduce Bond Notes.

Since the resurgence of queues in the banks, the group has been addressing people waiting to access their cash urging them to storm Zanu PF head offices and demand their cash.

On Thursday, on the day of the African child, armed police stormed the gathering and arrested four of the group’s members who were addressing members of the public in central Harare.

“Riot police came and ordered us to disperse and we refused not because we are not law abiding citizens, but because we believe in the independence and freedom of this country , and that the draconian laws that forbid us to meet are vestiges of the colonial regime that are unjust, unfair and totally unlawful under the new constitution,” he said.

“The police then descended on us and indiscriminately dispersed us and in the process arrested four of our young people.”

Mkwananzi said they later regrouped and addressed several people in bank queues and the police followed them again.

“We believe that Robert Mugabe must step down from the throne immediately and allow this country and it is people another chance. 2018 is too far, the country is burning. We are not a political party and we are not seeking any political power. We demand a better and greater Zimbabwe. We have lined up more actions to bring pressure to bear on Mugabe and his lunatic regime.”



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    ceaser 6 years ago

    Let’s get rid of the monster cockroach and it’s vestiges of poverty creation and underdevelopment