Army police to pounce on people wearing camouflage

Source: Army police to pounce on people wearing camouflage | The Financial Gazette December 28, 2016

THE Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) has warned that all those caught wearing military regalia, especially camouflage replicas, face arrest.

In a statement today, director army public relations, Lieutenant Colonel Alphios Makotore, said an increased wearing of camouflage has incidentally coincided with a marked rise in robberies involving people wearing military uniforms or replicas.

“It is against this background that the ZNA wishes to advise traders and members of the public that it is unlawful to sell and wear military regalia or replica, whether from Zimbabwe or any other country,” said Makotore.

“The definition of army uniform means any article or articles of wearing apparel and includes a badge, button, braid or insignia worn in association with any particular item or items of clothing and a tie,” he added.

Section 99(2) (c) of the Defence Act (Chapter 11:02) makes it an offence to wear military regalia or replicas in Zimbabwe by members of the public.

The statement also said event artistes must first seek permission from the army before performing or acting in military regalia or replicas.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police will arrest culprits found in contravention of the above provisions using the standing statutes and cause their appearance before the courts of law for prosecution,” Makotore warned.



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    The Army and Zimbabwe Robbery Police must be getting very bored, if that’s all they can think about doing to help this country get on a sound footing. As for ‘pouncing on people’ – does that mean you will beat them up or detain/arrest them?

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    Joe Cool 5 years ago

    It’s a distortion of the Act, which prohibits the use of clothing “so nearly resembling as to deceive” uniform supplied to or authorised for use by the Defence Forces. So only camouflage clothing of the same, or very nearly the same, pattern as ZNA camouflage is prohibited.

    It’s another example of the arrogance, stupidity and ignorance of the people running this country (into the ground).

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    Barry 5 years ago

    Firstly, camo has been illegal for decades. Are these idiots just waking up to this? And it’s worth obeying the law here because the government is so fearful and paranoid.

    And secondly the military police have no authority in civil law. If a soldier sees someone breaking any law he is obliged to report the matter to the police like anyone else.

    Is it any wonder that with this disregard for written law we have no tourism or foreign investment?

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    Tofirei 5 years ago

    This is very stupid ofthe army to deny people the right to wear what they want because this regalia is very different from what is worn by these idiots in the ZNA. Zimbabwe is a democratic country and people should be free to wear what they want unless this country now belongs to this so called army. Nonsense